Alumni Events for 2019

January 2019

8th – Alumni Conference Call
12th – Kansas City, MO
17th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)

Febuary 2019

1st – Oklahoma City, OK
5th or 12th – Alumni Conference Call
7th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
23rd – Washington, DC

March 2019

5th or 12th – Alumni Conference Call
15th-17th – Las Cruces/El Paso (Meet and greet and Bataan Death March)
21st – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
30th – Albuquerque Rajin Cajun

April 2019

9th or 16th – Alumni Conference Call
11th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
26th or 27th  – Houston

May 2019

2nd – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
10th – San Antonio, TX
11th – Austin, TX
14th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
24th – Albuquerque Burgers Orell
30th – 2 Apr – Mexico Chapter Event

June 2019

4th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
6th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
11th -14th – 30th Annual Alumni Trail Ride (Angel Fire, NM)
26th – 30th – NMMI Alumni Motorcycle Rally

July 2019

11th – Colorado Springs, CO
12th or 13th – Denver Event
16th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
18th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
27th – Anchorage, AK

August 2019

13th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
16th-18th – Corsicana, TX
22nd – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
24th – Albuquerque Ingram BBQ

September 2019

5th – Tucson, AZ
6th or 7th – Phoenix, AZ
10th or 17th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
12th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
20th – 22nd – General’s Cup Event

October 2019

8th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
10th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)
17th – 19th – NMMI 2019 Homecoming
26th – Lexington, KY

November 2019

5th – NMMI Alumni Conference Call
14th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)

December 2019

5th – Alumni Conference Call
14th – NMMI Alumni After Hours (Roswell)

2018 Meet and Greets

Albuquerque Rajun Cajun
Albuquerque Burgers Orell
Albuquerque Ingram BBQ
Albuquerque Colt Tailgate
Colorado Springs
El Paso
Fort Worth
Kansas City
Las Cruces
Los Angeles
Midwestern US
NMMI After Hours
New York
Oklahoma City
San Antonio