Class “A” Formal Uniform:  The Class A uniform is formal wear prescribed for chapel, dances, furloughs, parades, Saturday and Sunday permits and other semiformal occasions. (White trousers when prescribed.)

Formal Uniforms


Class “B” Uniform:  The Class B Uniform is worn during permits (Monday through Saturday) and for Night Study passes.


Class “E” Battle Dress Uniform:  BDU’s are worn for Corps training activities and tour squad.



Class “F” Athletic Uniform:  The Athletic Uniform or  PT uniform is worm for physical development,  intramurals, physical education classes, team sports and certain free time activities. The PT uniform consists of a red shirt and black shorts.  Black NMMI wind suits may be worn when prescribed by the Commandant.

Athletic/PT Uniform






U.S. Army Clothing and Equipment: Each cadet enrolled in the Army ROTC program or JROTC program is issued items of clothing and equipment from the high school or college ROTC supply rooms. These articles are property of the US army and are on loan to the cadet and must be accounted for and maintained by the cadet.

M-1903 Springfield Rifle (demilitarized): All cadets, other than officers, will be issued a rifle by the JROTC or ROTC departments.  Cadets are responsible for the maintenance and safekeeping of their rifles at all times.


U.S. Army Uniform and Supply Issue



Civilian Clothes: Civilian clothes may be worn as prescribed by the Commandant (for example, when leaving post on furlough or leaving post for a holiday break.) The Commandant may authorize the wear of civilian clothes to dances, specifically in the case of formal gowns for female cadets.

Final Ball