NMMI seeks to enroll young men and women of sound moral character that possess the scholastic, mental and physical qualities identified in the Vision and Mission of New Mexico Military Institute as approved by the Board of Regents.
Our program is not designed for “problem” students.
Acceptance decisions are made without regard to disabilities and in accordance with state and federal law and are non-discriminatory. All cadets are required to participate in certain physical activities (e.g. marching in parade formation with a rifle, running the obstacle course, close order drill and intramural athletics), all considered essential to the traditions of a military school and to the development of individual leadership skills and a sense of camaraderie as a member of the Corps of Cadets.

1.Physical Standards Considered Disqualifying for Admission:

• applicants that cannot participate fully in required physical activities;

• active epilepsy;

• diabetes requiring special diet and insulin therapy;

• blindness;

• deafness;

• chronic renal disease;

• chronic cardiac disease;

• severe symptomatic asthma;

• any severe neuromuscular or orthopedic disease or any other substantial physical limiting condition, which, in the opinion of the medical staff, would interfere with the cadet ’s performance and physical activity in accordance with New Mexico Military Institute’s requirements;

• applicants with a medical or behavioral condition that could preclude their participation in required physical and academic programs will be reviewed by the Medical Review Board to determine their admission eligibility.

In addition to meeting reasonable standards of good health, applicants to the NMMI high school and junior college must demonstrate a pattern of good conduct, a willingness to accept responsibilities for their actions and a respect for others. Applicants must also meet academic, physical and English language competency standards as part of their admission, which may exclude students with specific disabilities. They must have exhibited the capacity to adjust to and work effectively in a closely supervised, highly disciplined and occasionally stressful environment, as well as the ability to live independently in a dormitory setting.

2. Behavioral and Health Standards Considered Disqualifying for Admission:

• applicants that cannot participate in the existing college preparatory or university parallel required academic

• applicants who in the last academic semester prior to enrollment have not demonstrated the academic or behavioral standards necessary to successfully complete such program;

• applicants with evidence of a history of substance abuse without successful and verifiable completion of a substance abuse rehabilitation program;

• applicants who have been convicted of a felony;

• any attempted suicide;

• any permanent dismissal from any school;

• applicants who have been suspended three or more times from schools attended within the last three years;

• applicants with evidence of emotional disturbance, manic-depressive disorder, bipolar disorder, regularly scheduled psychological counseling or any other severe psychological disorders or limiting condition which in the opinion of the medical staff would interfere with the cadet ’s ability to function satisfactorily at New Mexico Military Institute, demonstrated an inability to meet the existing NMMI academic requirements without significant accommodations that would alter the academic mission of the Institute;

• applicants under the jurisdiction of the courts (juvenile or adult). The applicant cannot have any pending charges or still be in the adjudication phase. Minor traffic offenses are not considered “under the jurisdiction of the courts.” The adjudication phase includes charges that have not been fully resolved because of pending court dates, directed educational programs, or community service or mandatory counseling requirements.