The Writing Lab at Toles

The Writing Lab is open to all cadets during Night Study Hall for writing assistance. A Writing Lab Mentor is available to assist in all aspects of the writing process as well as understanding assignments, MLA formatting, thesis statement construction, proofreading, spelling, and basic grammar mechanics. Tutors will not write or rewrite a paper for a cadet. Cadets must check-in at the Writing Lab and bring a copy of the instructor’s assignment. Come early, regularly, and do not wait until the last minute or night before the assignment is due to receive extensive writing assistance.

 Mission Statement

In support of New Mexico Military Institute’s mission and educational objectives, the Writing Lab supports student-writing improvement and enhances opportunities for academic success through individualized help, handouts, and Internet resources and links. Our goal is to assist students in developing writing skills that will empower them to be successful in the academic environment and compete in a global economy.

Location: Toles Learning Resource Center, 2nd Floor, Classroom 228

Dr. Atkinson-Loveless

Writing Lab Mentor

Fall/Spring Writing Lab Schedule

Sunday 1900-2200
Monday 1900-2200
Tuesday 1945-2215
Wednesday 1945-2215
Thursday 1900-2200



MAJ Espinosa-Sims, M.Ed

Assist. Professor of Reading/Writing

Director, Writing Lab


Toles Learning Resource Center, 2nd Floor, Office 227