NMMI Summer Programs 2018

Type Name Dates Contact
Boarding Band Camp


June 11 – June 15 CPT Bill Lamb
Boarding Junior Leadership Camp


JLC #1 = June 10th through June 16th

JLC #2 = June 17th through June 23th

JLC (Day Camp) = June 25 through 29th

MAJ Gustavo Garza
Boarding JROTC (JCLC/El Paso Schools) Camps


EL Paso JCLC 12 June through 16 June


LTC Mike O’Neil
Boarding Pentathalon Camp


TBA Jan Olesinski
Boarding SROTC Mini-Camp


July 15 through 20  CPT Michelle Trauger
Boarding Summer English Program**

Summer Math Program**

9 July through 1 Aug MAJ Susan Scott
Boarding Summer Culture and Language Program 8 July through 28 July MAJ Cristhina Starke


*All camps are subject to change and/or cancellation. Please contact the camp coordinator for the latest details.

**The Summer English and Summer Math Programs are reserved for cadet-candidates who plan to attend NMMI in fall 2018.