New Mexico Military Institute

Summer English Program

July 9 – August 1, 2018

The Summer English Program at New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) prepares non-native English speakers to be successful in NMMI’s rigorous academic programs. The Summer English program is patterned after our basic reading courses and offers Cadet-Candidates a head start via a month of foundational language instruction.

International students who wish to attend New Mexico Military Institute, yet did not fully meet the English Admissions requirements will find attending the Summer English Program helpful in acclimating to an all-English environment. Faculty and staff will reevaluate each Cadet-Candidate’s potential and make admissions recommendations based on overall performance in the Summer English Program.

The New Mexico Military Institute Summer English Program mission is to successfully prepare Cadet-Candidates for the rigors of cadet life via:

  • Early acclimation to NMMI’s Academic Standards
  • Early assimilation into the NMMI Corps of Cadets
  • Early achievement of NMMI Corps of Cadet Physical Fitness Standards

Summer English Program in English

Summer English Program in Spanish