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Mission Statement - Yates Leadership Challenge Complex

 “Provide challenging and adventurous experiential learning programs for individuals to learn leadership, accomplish personal and team goals, and promote character development.”


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Admininistration of the
Yates Leadership Challenge Complex
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Introduction to the YLCC: Watch the Prezi Presentation Here

YLCC 2015-2016 Annual Report


YLCC Strategic Plan



Technology Plan


Evertson, E., Ropes Course Facilitator Training Manual - Level 1


Evertson, E., Advanced Ropes Course Facilitation and Programming Training Manual - Level 2 (PDF)


Evertson, E., Summer Supplement to the Ropes Course Facilitator Training Manual - Level 1.5 (PDF)

Evertson, E., Leadership Reaction Course Facilitator Training Manual


Evertson, E., Standard Operation Procedures at the Rappel Tower




- YLCC Leadership Development Plan (PDF)



Facilitator Training and Certification Evaluation
Leadership and Character Development Programming

- INDIVIDUAL Leadership & Character Performance Assessment
Adobe Acrobat Version (PDF)

MS Word Document Fillable (DOCX)


- TEAM Leadership & Character Performance Assessment (PDF)

Program Management / Leadership



- Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today
– Using a Challenge Course as a
“Leadership Laboratory"

(a research paper authored by cadets, presented at two conferences) (PDF)


(in development)
Implementation Strategies to Facilitate Moral Development – A Case Study at a Challenge Course


(in development)
Efficacy and Value of Experiential Leadership Activities in First Year Experience Classes 

(a research paper) (PDF)

- Four Domains of Efficacy

(a series of four white papers) (PDF)

- Cadets Embracing the Leadership Challenge Through High Impact Experiences.

- Teaching to Lead from the Ground Up! ... A Dynamic Approach to Leadership and Character Development.

- Leaders Climbing to New Heights! ... Excellence Through Relevant Curriculum.

- Learning the Ups and Downs of Leadership ... Competency Based Assessment Inspiring Higher Performance.



Cadet & Program Items

- Samples of

Cadet Personal Leadership Philosophy Statements (PDF)


- Cadet ROTC Participation Feedback (PDF)

- Whitewater Rafting Trip 2014 (PDF)

New & Media Items
    - Sally Port Article 2005 (PDF)

External Group Items


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Element Safety Outline (PDF)
Facilitator Eligabiltity






Knot Tying References
Static Drawings
Other Knot Pages

LEAD 2813 - Ropes Course Facilitation and Leadership < TOP >

Learn the Ropes! Join with others to gain skills in leadership and facilitation while challenging yourself on the ropes course. This class will also give you the experience and training needed to step into a Ropes Course Facilitator position at our ropes course. Successful participants will earn a Certificate of Completion - a valuable addition to your resume. No experience is necessary.


Equality - Provides a unique set of projects and situations requires people to draw upon genuine team process skills.

Disequilibrium - A state of disequilibrium or disorder allows emphasis to be placed upon both task and process related themes as the group has to organize itself around the challenge.

Personal Projection / Meta Learning - The group projects their problem-solving skills, project management ability, and leadership style onto the experience. The learning arising from this is profound and revealing.

Kinesthetic Imprint - Kinesthetic imprint or whole body learning of cognitive principles because the learning is graphic as it involves physical, mental and behavioral dimensions.

Diversity of Strengths - Input from all team members will be required to produce outcomes from projects specifically designed not to suit just one team role style or behavior. One person cannot possibly succeed alone and so the interdependence of the team is highlighted along with the importance of diversity within the team.

Fun - The environment provides a highly enjoyable way to learn and develop team and management process skills. Fun is a powerful aspect of effective learning with participants becoming more open to the experience and creative whilst participating in it.

1 Reference: Luckner, J. & Nadler, R. (1997). Processing the experience: Strategies to enhance and generalize learning. Dubuque, IA: Kendall/Hunt.





Typically applies toward graduation requirements as an elective.

Course Coordinator

Questions? Contact...
Eric Evertson
(575) 654-8139

First Class

Attendance at first class is required.
Bring a writing accoutrement and paper

Equipment Needed



Personality Assessments Links
Professional Development Plan
Professional Portfolio Links
Ropes Course Web Resources < TOP >

Tactical Rappel (You Tube)


Ropes Course Related Articles < TOP >


History of Challenge Courses (PDF)


Excerpt: As the challenge course industry continues to grow, it is important that we have a clear picture of our roots. Understanding the history of our trade allows us to chart a more
intentional future...

ERIC Digest




Excerpt: I remember being told once that challenge courses were not appropriate for parents to bring their kids and have fun playing on the elements for the day. But imagine how strong our communities could be if families, large and small, found a place where they could improve their communication while allowing...

Erik Marter, Parallel Lines, Spring 2009


Excerpt: Over 20 years of Adventure programming has allowed us to record over 57 million participant hours. A total of 250 injuries were reported giving a overall injury rate of...


Thumb 1

High Course Cut-Away
Rescue Technique Examined (PDF)


Excerpt: Despite the widespread use of high ropes courses in experiential education, research has not examined the safety and effectiveness of ropes course rescue strategies. The purpose of this study was to: (a) measure...

from the Journal of Experiential Education, 2004 by Haras, Kathy & Lisson, Brian

Zip Line Article (PDF)


Excerpt: For North Carolina's Baptist camps, cuts, scrapes and bruises are a part of everyday life. But a September zip-line accident at a non-denominational camp that led to the death of a high school senior...

Biblical Recorder 23 Oct 2006
Leadership & Character Web Resources < TOP >

How to Develop Emotional Resiliency (Play the Mental Game and Stop Suffering) (TED Talk)

- Adopt a Secret Identify

- Recruit Allies

- Battle Bad Guys

- Activate Power Ups


The Deep Dive – One Companies Secret Weapon for Innovation (IDEO Shopping Cart)

-One conversation at a time

-Stay focused on topic

-Encourage wild ideas

-Defer judgment

-Build on the ideas of others


The Emotionally Literate Classroom

"Children Full of Life 1 of 5" (You Tube)


Strengths Quest Talent Short Videos (YouTube)

Strengths Quest

Introductory Handout (PDF)


Using Strengths in the Interview Process

(You Tube)


Skills Employers Wish College Grades Had (Article)


Marshmallow Kids
Marshmallow Test (You Tube)

I usually don't like to show full length movies but here is a list of leadership relevant films.
- The Last Samurai   - Paths of Glory   - Idiocracy
- The Emporer's Club        

Leadership & Character Articles < TOP >






The Praise Paradox


NEA Today March/April 2011
Next Element


Milgram Obedience Experiment (PDF)

Excerpt: At 75 volts, he grunts; at 120 volts, he complains loudly; at 150, he demands to be released from the experiment. As the voltage increases, his protests become more vehement and emotional. At 285 volts, his response can be described only as an agonized scream. Soon thereafter, he makes no sound at all...Yale undergraduates were used as subjects, and about 60 percent of them were fully obedient.



Migram Video


Why Do People Behave Nicely...No one may ever know unless social psychologists shake off their fascination with jerks (PDF)

Excerpt: ...bystanders, when confronted with strangers in distress, sometimes responded by walking away or closing drapes...Kitty Genovese, a New York City murder victim whose cries for help failed to rouse her neighbors to action...test subjects were less likely to aid a stranger is they thought they were just one among several witnesses...


From Hostage to Hero - How Ashley Smith with faith, smarts and courage, talked her way out of the hands of an alleged killer (PDF)

Excerpt: ..."He looked at pictures of my family," said Smith. "He asked me if he could look at them and hold them." By that time, he had untied Smith and had left his guns where she could have grabbed them. Despite those gestures of trust...She gave it to him straight: "I said, 'I think you should turn yourself in, If you don't turn yourself in, lots more people are going to get hurt and you're probably going to die." That did not quite get through. "Look at me, look at my eyes," he said. "I'm already dead." Smith replied: "You are not dead. You are standing right in front of me."..."He needed hope for his life."...


The Ten Rules of Good Followership, by Col Phillip S. Meilinger

Excerpt: "...Accept responsibility whenever it is offered...When making a recommendation, remember who will probably have to implement it. This means you must know your own limitations and weaknesses as well as your strengths."

Col Phillop Meilinger



Excerpt: ...Rule 2: The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself...

Colleen M. Schemrich

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Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT)

ACCT Job Bank Link

List of PVMs
(Professional Vendor Members)

Project Adventure
PA Job/Internship Link


American Camp Association
Summer Camp Jobs & Year-Round Camp Jobs

Association for Experiential Education
AEE Job Link

Signature Research

Karl Rohnke

List of Universities with Ropes Courses < TOP >
(continually in development)
University Name
Has Ropes Course
Degree Offered / If any?
Eastern Washington University Yes Challenge Course Management Minor
Georgia College and State University Yes M.Ed. Kinesiology: Outdoor Education Administration
Adventure Education
Warren Wilson College Yes Bachelors in Outdoor Leadership
Minnesota State University - Mankato Yes Masters in Experiential Education
Radford Univesity Yes Recreation, Parks and Tourism
Experiential Education
Outdoor Ecological a& Experiential Education
Outdoor Recreation / Therapeutic Recreation
University of New Hampshire
Recreation Management & Outdoor Education
Texas A&M
Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education
Recreation Administration
Wilderness Therapy

Northern Illinois University


Outdoor Teacher Education

University of Akron


Master's Outdoor Education

Alaska Pacific University


Environmental Education and Outdoor Education

North Cascades Institute


Master of Education in Environmental Education

Lesley University


Master's Ecological Teaching and Learning - Maine

Prescott College
Adventure Education / Outdoor Education / Wilderness Leadership - MA
Audubon Expedition Institute
Ecological Teaching and Learning
University of Utah
Parks, Recreation & Tourism
Aurora University, George Williams Campus
Recreation Administration
University of New Mexico Yes --Unknown
Northern Arizona University
Colorado State University
Ferris State University
Louisiana Tech University
University of California-Santa Barbara
Valdosta State University
Outdoor Wisconsin Leadership School Yes --Unknown
Georgia College Yes --Unknown
Binghamton University Yes --Unknown
East Tennessee State University Yes --Unknown
Universidad de Monterrey Yes --Unknown
Asbury University Yes --Unknown
Mansfield University Yes --Unknown
Colorado Northwestern Community College Yes --Unknown

Latrobe University, Australia


Indiana University


University of Edinburgh, Scotland


Link�ping University, Sweden


North Carolina State University


University of Minnesota


University of New Hampshire

Arizona State University    
California Polytechnic State University    
California State University at Chico    
California State University at Long Beach    
California State University at Sacramento    
Clemson University    
Colorado State University    
East Carolina University    
George Mason University    
Humboldt State University    
Indiana University    
Kansas State University    
Michigan State University    
New York University    
North Carolina Central University    

North Carolina State University

Northern Arizona University    
Pennsylvania State University    
Purdue University    
San Diego State University    
San Jose State University    

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale


Smoky Mountain Field School


Southwest Texas State University

State University of New York at Cortland    
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry    
Texas A & M University    

University of Connecticut

University of Florida    
University of Georgia    
University of Idaho    

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Maryland at College Park    
University of Maine    
University of Minnesota    
University of Missouri at Columbia    

University of Montana

University of New Hampshire    
University of North Carolina at Greensboro    
University of North Carolina at Wilmington    
University of Utah    
University of Vermont    
University of Wyoming    
Vincennes University    
Virginia Wesleyan College    
West Virginia University    
West Washington University    

Wilderness Education Association


Outward Bound USA


National Outdoor Leadership School


Other Ropes Courses
Thoughts to Consider < TOP >
Men wanted for hazardous journey. Small wages. Bitter cold. Long months of winter. Constant danger. Safe return doubtful. Honour and recognition in case of success."


Classified Advertisement in the Times of London, December 1901, for the 1902 Expedition to the South Pole with Sir Ernest Shackleton.

To me, honor is the capacity to control the instinctive selfishness that lurks in all of us, the tough case-hardened ability to put morality ahead of expediency, duty ahead of deviousness, and to do this instinctively and every time.

~ General Mark Clark, 1956



A Funny Look at Safety and Liability < TOP >

Empire State Thumb