6th Class, 9th Grade Checklist

NOTE: Cadet Schedules are built beginning late summer  

Graduation-Requirements and 4-Year Plan

Understand your GPA

o    Your Grade Point Average (GPA) during your freshmen year will have a major impact on the colleges that will accept you and the number of scholarships that you’ll be eligible for as a senior. Your GPA will also determine your eligibility for sports.

Understand high school graduation & college admissions requirements

o    By the time you make decisions about your schedule for your sophomore year, make sure you understand all the graduation requirements. This means understand how many credits you need to earn to graduate and the subjects you need to earn those credits in.  Also, make sure you understand the college admissions requirements, which can be different from your high school graduation requirements. The college of your choice may expect you to take specific classes in high school, earn a specific GPA and get a certain ACT/SAT test score.

Learn “The Big 5 Things” that will help get you into college

  • Your GPA from all classes to date
  • Extracurricular activities and community service/volunteering
  • ACT ASPIRE Test Your ACT or SAT scores (tests taken during junior & senior years but encouraged earlier)
  • Time Management and Study Skills
  • Abilities and Skills Exploration

Find extracurricular activities that interest you (join at least one)

o    Talk to your high school counselor, teacher, coach or TLA about getting involved in extracurricular activities and community service projects like sports or student groups. Finding activities that you enjoy will help you become a leader and help you stand out when you apply to college and for scholarships.

o    Attend the Cadet Activities Fair

Summer Opportunities

o    Many colleges and scholarships want to see that you have volunteered. Many scholarships require that you have earned a specific amount of volunteer hours in order to apply for their scholarship.

  • STEM
  • Academy Summer Leadership Experiences
  • Shadow Programs
  • Scholars Program
  • Various College and University programs
  •  Exchange Programs
  •  EF Tours

Visit Big Future and You can Go (College Board)

o    Utilize bigfuture.org as your step-by-step guide to college planning. Get inspired about college and hear about other college students experiences by visiting www.ycg.org

Prepare for ACT ASPIRE (Do your best!)


o    Colleges look at grades starting your freshman year, don’t jeopardize your chances of getting into the college you want to attend by not caring your freshman year. Remember EVERY YEAR COUNTS!