10th Grade Checklist

Graduation-Requirements and 4-Year Plan

Earn the best grades you can

o    Students who have a solid GPA by the end of their sophomore year of high school are in a much better position to be admitted to college with scholarships than students who wait until their junior year to try to raise their GPA.

Understand the Higher Education Admission Requirements (HEAR)

o    Each graduating class will have different college admission requirements than previous classes. Make an appointment with your counselor or visit the SAC Mini College Lab for more information.

Get involved

o    Extracurricular activities help give life and meaning to a high school career. They are a vital part of a good resume. Research the different clubs and organizations that your school has to offer. Volunteering is another great way to get involved during high school and can help prepare you for your future career and connect you with valuable resources. Volunteering is a huge advantage when it comes to scholarships and even some colleges.

  • Find extracurricular activities that interest you (join at least one)
      • Talk to your high school counselor, teacher, coach or TLA about getting involved in extracurricular activities and community service projects like sports or student groups. Finding activities that you enjoy will help you become a leader and help you stand out when you apply to college and for scholarships.
      • Attend the Cadet Activities Fair
  • Summer Opportunities
      • Many colleges and scholarships want to see that you have volunteered. Many scholarships require that you have earned a specific amount of volunteer hours in order to apply for their scholarship.
      • STEM
      • Academy Summer Leadership Experiences
      • Shadow Programs
      • Scholars Program
      • Various College and University programs
      • Exchange Programs
      • EF Tours

Visit Big Future and You can Go (College Board)

o    Utilize bigfuture.org as your step-by-step guide to college planning. Get inspired about college and hear about other college students experiences by visiting www.ycg.org

Complete Interest and Career Inventory

o    Know what your interests are and begin to select possible career options. Also note what educational requirements each one has.

Visit a College Campus

o    Whether you take a walking tour of a college campus or a virtual tour, it is important to know what type of school you would like to attend. Would you like to go to a private school, public school, vocational, large, small, etc.

o    Prepare for the ACT ASPIRE


o    Colleges look at grades starting your freshman year, don’t jeopardize your chances of getting into the college you want to attend by not caring your sophomore year. Remember EVERY YEAR COUNTS!