Cadet Academic Services provides information about services and supports at NMMI to help cadets succeed academically

Students Right to Know provides links to important information rearding a variety of topics, including Cost of Attendance, FERPA, Cadet Demographics, Retention, Graduation and Transfer Rates, and more.

GPA Calculator Students may calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA) using this calculator

JC Catalog Course Offerings Junior College course offerings with descriptions

The Writing Center at Toles Information about the Writing Center, which is open during NSH and can help cadets with writing assignments from any classes. Also includes helpful writing links.

In High School? Student Assistance Center Home Page

Preps NMMI Academy Prep Program Home Page

Career Information System – Log on using your cadet number as the username and 2013Nmmi as your password (password is case sensitive). Great for college, career, and scholarship research as well as developing your resume and preparing for job interviews. Questions? Contact MAJ Scott.

Transferring to other colleges/universities: New Mexico has adopted a common course numbering system, which means that credit for ENGL 1110 at NMMI will count as credit for other New Mexico Schools. However, as all schools have their own graduation requirements, it is important that students check with the schools to which they are considering transferring so they understand exactly how their credits will transfer in and what it will mean for their progress towards graduation. Links for several New Mexico schools, as well as some schools in surrounding states, are included below. If your school of interest is not included, conduct your own internet search using some of the key terms you see noted below. Remember that the receiving school is the expert on how credits apply towards graduation, and many do stipulate there is no guarantee of transferability until a student has been accepted and a thorough transcript evaluation conducted.