Are you wondering how to find a transfer school? Looking for information on career assessments, careers and how to link majors to careers? Wanting to locate information about what non-NMMI scholarships are available? Seeking a reliable, easy-to-use resume builder?

The main resource NMMI offers for searching out information about transfer schools, career information, and scholarship opportunities is the Career Information System. All NMMI cadets have access through their MyNMMI portal, as well. Cadet accounts are created each semester via a batch upload, so all cadets should have accounts:

Username: Cadet # (with zeroes)
Case-sentitive Password: 2013Nmmi

Cadets who run into trouble accessing their account should email MAJ Scott for assistance. At times, cadets join our ranks after the upload has occurred. The generic login information can be used, and then cadets can create their own portfolio so they can save information:

Generic Username: NMMI
Generic Password: 201212

So, what is CIS? In their own words, CIS “provides comprehensive information for students of all ages. College and university students use CIS to set career and educational goals, connect majors to the world of work, locate scholarships, prepare to transfer to another institution, and find graduate schools. CIS is an important tool for career and educational planning for successful transitions.”

While the Career Information System is easy to use, you do need to make sure to read the supporting text. Check back here, too, as we will be uploading “cheat sheets” to help you navigate CIS.