Bronco Advising Center Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find out who my advisor is?

  • Current cadets: Log on to your Cadet Record Review
  • Incoming cadets: E-mail MAJ Scott or the registrar

What's the difference between a W, a WP, and a WF?

  • Courses from which you withdraw between the start of the 3rd week of class and the Friday after mid-term grades are released will be designated on your transcript with a W. This does not have an effect on your GPA.
  • A grade of WP means you had a passing grade when you withdrew from a class between the end of the 10th week and before the start of finals. It has no effect on your GPA.
  • A grade of WF means you had a failing grade when you withdrew from a class between the end of the 10th week and before the start of finals. It is calculated into your GPA as if you completed the course and earned an F.

How can I remove a grade of F from my transcript?

  • You cannot remove an F from a transcript. However, once you retake the course and earn a higher grade, your GPA will improve.
  • Remember, in order to graduate you must have a minimum NMMI GPA of 2.0, and having many Ds on your transcript will make it difficult to maintain a GPA high enough to qualify for graduation.

What if I get a D in a class?

  • In most cases, a D will count towards graduation. However, in the case of Freshman Comp I and other courses that serve as prerequisites, a grade of D means you will need to retake the class.
  • Very few colleges will transfer in courses in which you earned a D. So, while a D may get you out of NMMI’s doors, it will not help you get into someone else’s – nor will it help you graduate from your 4-year school.

Will my GPA transfer to another college or university?

  • In most cases credits transfer; grades and GPAs do not transfer from one school to another.

How will my courses transfer to another college or university?

  • Transferability varies depending on the course taken and the institution to which you wish to transfer. This is one reason why it is a good idea to start determining potential transfer schools as early as possible. Most schools have transfer guidelines posted on their websites. However, if you wish to transfer into a specific program, that can also have an effect on course transferability. Make sure to contact the receiving school for accurate course transfer information.

Can I take summer classes back home at my local community college?

  • Yes, courses can be taken at a local community college or through any accredited college or university that offers online courses. The process is:
    • Complete a Transfer Course Permission form prior to taking the course.
    • Have an official transcript sent to the NMMI registrar after your final grade is recorded.

How do I apply for graduation?

  • As soon as possible after registering for your classes for your final semester, visit the registrar. He will print out your graduation application, review it with you, and have you sign it. Your advisor may also want to sign this form.

What's the difference between an Associate of Arts and an Associate of Science degree?

  • Both the Associate in Arts (A.A.) and Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees are general transfer degrees. Cadets who are interested in careers in the STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) or Pre-medical/dental/veterinarian will be better served by seeking an A.S. degree. Cadets who will be seeking a higher degree in Humanities, Business, Social Science or related field will be best served by seeking an A.A. degree.
  • See the links below for information about concentrations in the A.A. and A.S. fields.

What is a concentration?

  • A concentration is similar to a major in that it is a means of focusing studies in a particular area. Cadets at NMMI have the option of declaring a concentration. However, this is not a requirement. Concentrations are offered in both the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science degree areas. Cadets who declare a concentration must complete both the general graduation requirements and those specific to their concentration. For more information about concentrations, speak with your advisor.

I have a question about NJCAA and/or NCAA eligibility. Who do I ask?

How do I withdraw from a class?

  • During the first two weeks of the semester, see your advisor with requests to drop and/or add classes.
  • After the first two weeks, make sure you talk with your teacher first, then talk with your advisor. You will also need to send your advisor an email request, including the reason and your plans to make up for any delayed progress towards graduation. Make sure you know what your grade in the course is before initiating the process.

What is financial hold?

  • A Financial Hold is placed on a cadet’s account when an outstanding balance exists. Cadets who are on financial hold will be unable to register for classes, see their grades, or order transcripts. If you see that you are on financial hold, please see your cadet financial advisor on the 1st floor of Lusk as soon as possible.

What is the schedule for finals?

  • The Final Exam Schedule can be found on the registrar’s page. It is important that you are familiar with the schedule when planning your travel at the end of the semester so that you schedule departures for after the completion of your last final exam.

How can I learn more about careers?

  • Visit the Career Information System, (also available as a direct link from your MyNMMI page) using your cadet number (with zeroes) for username and 2013Nmmi for password.
  • Sign up for CCES 1001, a 1-credit career exploration course
  • Contact MAJ Scott

What if I am interested in a career in the military?

  • NMMI offers programs that help students reach their goal to become an officer in the military.
    • The Early Commissioning Program is for students who wish to become officers in the US Army. If you are an NMMI student in the ECP program, contact SCPO Scott. If you are not an NMMI student or are not yet in the ECP program, see their website for details and contact information.
    • The Academy Prep Program is for students who seek to attend one of the United States Service Academies. Both sponsored preps (those referred to NMMI by an academy) and self-preps (those who are working independently to try to gain admission to an academy) work with SCPO Chuck Scott as their advisor.

Will 9-week grades show up on my transcript?

  • No. 9-week grades serve as a barometer of your progress in your classes, but they will not post on your college transcript.

What are the requirements to graduate?

  • General graduation requirements are found in the course catalog.
  • Cadets who have signed up for a concentration will need to check for additional requirements in the course catalog.

What if I took classes at another college?

  • All college credit earned somewhere other than NMMI must be reported to the registrar:
    • Previous college courses – Official transcript must be sent to the registrar.
    • Dual-credit courses – Even though the classes are on the high school transcript, the registrar must receive an official transcript from the college that awarded the credit. If you are not certain of the name of the college, contact your former high school.
    • AP or CLEP credit – Official scores must be sent directly to the registrar.

I’m graduating from high school here (NMMI) and want to come back for college. What do I need to do now?

  • When you apply for graduation with the registrar, make sure you indicate you intend to return to NMMI for junior college. The next step will be to select an advisor.

As our page is in transition, please email MAJ Scott ( for information.