Remember to use these forms in consultation with your advisor. It is crucial that you meet with your advisor regularly to ensure progress towards graduation and that you are taking courses that will help you attain your academic and career goals.

AA Checklist Course/scheduling checklist for students in the Associates in Arts program.

AS Checklist Course/scheduling checklist for students in the Associates in Science program.

Contract for Improving Academic Performance Contract to improve student academic performance. Contact your advisor for this form.

Concentration Change For students who wish to declare a concentration, change their concentration and/or change academic advisor.

Graduate Application – Graduation applications are now obtained at the Registrar’s office after registration for the final semester is complete. This office is located on the second floor of Lusk Hall.

Transfer Course Permission Students who wish to take a course, such as over the summer or during another academic break, to transfer back to NMMI should fill out this form prior to registering for the course. The Registrar’s office will review the course and approve/disapprove course(s).

Withdraw from Class Form and Withdraw from Class for Student-Athletes Junior college students wishing to drop a class need to make sure to talk with their instructor and their advisor. Student-athletes must also talk with their coaches. This form must be completed and signed by all parties before being returned to the registrar. For information about withdraw options throughout the semester, see the Registrar’s Page.