Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a WP and WF? +

Can I take summer classes back home at my local community college? +

How do I apply for graduation? +

What’s the difference between an Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degree? +

How do I make an appointment with my advisor? +

What is a concentration? +

I have a question about NJCAA and/or NCAA eligibility. Who do I ask? +

How do I withdraw from a class? +

What is financial hold? +

What is the schedule for finals? +

How can I learn more about careers? +

Will 9-week grades show up on my transcript? +

What are the requirements to graduate? +

What if I took classes at another college? +

I’m graduating from high school here (NMMI) and want to come back for college. What do I need to do now? +

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Forms to Fill Out

AA Degree Checklist Course/scheduling checklist for students in the Associates in Arts program

AS Degree Checklist Course/scheduling checklist for students in the Associates in Science program

Contract for Improving Academic Performance Contract to improve student academic performance

Degree Concentration/Advisor Change For students who wish to declare a concentration, change their concentration and/or change academic advisor

Credit Overload Request For those students who wish to take more than 19 credit hours

JC Graduation Application Junior College students may print and fill out this graduation application. Review it with advisor prior to turning into the Registrar’s office.

Transfer Course Permission Students who wish to take a course to transfer back to NMMI should fill out this form prior to registering for the course. The Registrar’s office will review the course and approve/disapprove course(s).

Graduation Application Application for graduating

Other Links

GPA Calculator Students may calculate their Grade Point Average (GPA) using this calculator

JC Catalog Course Offerings Junior College course offerings with descriptions

In High School? Student Assistance Center Home Page

Make An Appointment Make an appointment with your student advisor.

Preps NMMI Academy Prep Program Home Page


Athlete Academic Advising*

Want to play NCAA DI?

Transfer to NCAA

NCAATransfer Guide

NJCAA Eligibility

NAIA Eligibility

Transfer to NAIA

*For any clarification on these rules, please see MAJ Roberts in Toles


NMMI College Advisors

LTC Kalith Smith
Phone: 575.624.8381
Fax: 575.624.8390
Email: LTC Smith
Location: Penrod Toles Learning Center 164




MAJ Kay Kuhlmann

MAJ Kay Kuhlmann
Phone: 575.624.8603
Fax: 575.624.8390
Email: MAJ Kuhmann
Location: Penrod Toles Learning Center 224




MAJ Susan MooreMAJ Susan Moore
Phone: 575.624.8312
Fax: 575.624.8390
Email MAJ Moore
Location: Penrod Toles Learning Center 156




MAJ Dewayne RobertsMAJ Roberts
Phone: 575-624-8364
Fax: 575.624.8390
MAJ Roberts
Location: Penrod Toles Learning Center 142





SCPO Charles ScottSCPO Charles Scott
Service Academy Prep Advisor
Phone: 575.624.8480
Fax: 575.624.8390
Email: SCPO Scott
Location: Penrod Toles Learning Center 207




Concentration Advisors