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For a list of resources available to support cadets academically,
please visit the Cadet Academic Services page.


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About College Advising

Mission Statement: New Mexico Military Institute Academic Advising connects cadets with quality resources that support academic success and empower cadets to create meaningful academic plans consistent with their personal and professional goals as they develop into leaders in the military and civilian sectors.

NMMI delivers college academic advising using a blended model of primary-role advisors, who have offices in Toles Learning Resource Center, and faculty advisors, who work with cadets who have declared a concentration. It is recommended that all cadets meet with their advisor at least once each semester.

Advisors are generally assigned in this way:

  • Student-athletes are initially assigned to the Athlete Academic Advisor, MAJ Marrujo.
  • Academy Prep students are initially assigned to the Academy Prep Director, SCPO Scott.
  • ROTC students are initially assigned to the Academy Prep Director, SCPO Scott.
  • Students with a strong interest in one of our concentrations may be assigned directly to a faculty advisor or may be moved to a faculty advisor after meeting with their assigned advisor.
  • Students who are still exploring their options are assigned to one of our Exploratory Advisors, LTC Smith and LTC Scott.

The NMMI College Advisor page includes a list of advisors, with phone numbers and offices, as well as a link to faculty advisors.

Very soon after starting school at New Mexico Military Institute, cadets should start thinking about what school they will attend post-NMMI. This will aid them in choosing classes that will prepare them for their future studies and are more likely to ensure timely attainment of their bachelor’s degree after transfer. Please visit the College, Careers, and Scholarships page to information that will help you with that transition.

To facilitate transfer to a 4-year institution, NMMI has articulation agreements with a number of 4-year colleges and universities. Cadets who follow these agreements will be in a good position to transfer and maintain progress towards their 4-year degree. Each articulation agreement is different. Cadets should talk with their advisor to determine if one of these schools and agreements will benefit them.