The R.A.T. Experience

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The RAT Experience:

A new cadet enters NMMI as a “RAT” (Recruit-At-Training) and becomes immersed in NMMI’s most enduring tradition, the Old Cadet – New Cadet System, which initiates new cadets to the Institute. The responsibility for teaching and training new cadets resides solely with the old cadets.

The RAT system teaches and promotes:

  • Academic excellence, leadership, character development and physical fitness
  • Self-discipline, time management, and personal responsibility
  • Respect for authority, humility, and the forms of military and non-military courtesy
  • Neatness, cleanliness, orderliness, punctuality and attention to detail
  • NMMI history and tradition (school songs, yells, and other required cadet knowledge).
  • Unity and spirit that will last a lifetime as the result of shared experiences in a challenging environment.