NMMI Historical Timeline

1890s 1891 Goss Military Institute Opens
1895 J.J. Hagerman donates 40 acres of land for NMMI’s permanent home
1895-1898 Temporarily closed
1900s 1905 Major Pearson named Commandant
1909 Received first classification as a Distinguished Military School
1909 First section of the Hagerman Barracks completed
1910s 1911 Sally Port constructed and becomes one of NMMI’s most iconic symbols
1915 NMMI formally became a junior college
1916 NMMI Became a member of the Reserve Office Training Corps
1916 H.P. Saunders, Jr., becomes Commandant of Cadets
1917 First accredited by the North Central Associate of College and Secondary Schools
1917-1919 NMMI sent 710 alumni to World War I
1918 Luna Natatorium was built and housed the first indoor pool west of the Mississippi
1918 Bates Dining Hall constructed
1920s 1920 Marshall Infirmary built
1925 Enrollment increased twofold
1928 Willson Hall built
1929 Cahoon Armory Built
1930s 1931 Quarters 1 constructed
1936 Quarters 2 and 3 constructed
1937 WPA works construct stables for 140 horses
1938 Lusk Hall constructed
1940s 1940 Lea Hall is built on the site of the old Headquarters building
1940 Pearson Auditorium opens
1941-1945 Over 3,000 cadets served in World War II
1947 H.P. Saunders, Jr., retires as Commandant after 31 years of service
1948 NMMI Regents approve creation of four year college
1950s 1950 NMMI sent alumni to Korean war
1952 Broncos win National Polo Championship against Princeton
1954 Broncos win second National Polo Championship against Yale. The polo program was discontinued a month later
1954 Three cadets – Vertress, Moore and Vlahopoulas – die in a pool accident during Final Ball
1955 VMV Hall dedicated in honor of Vertress, Moore and Vlahopoulas
1955 NMMI reverts to junior college
1957 Dow Hall constructed
1960s 1961 McClure Hall opens
1964 Original Saunders Barracks constructed
1966 NMMI sends alumni to Vietnam War
1970s 1975 Alumni Memorial Chapel is built with contributions from alumni and friends
1977 25 women matriculate into NMMI
1980s 1980 Godfrey Athletic Center opens
1981 Luna Natatorium transitioned into the McBride Museum
1982 Bronco Football discontinued
1983 Bronco Plaza dedicated
1985 Toles Learning Center opens
1990s 1991 NMMI recognizes its Centennial with a year long celebration
1991-1992 Bronco Baseball and Football authorized to begin
1994 Saunders Barracks torn down and re-built
1997 Horse program discontinued
1998 Corps lead by first female Regimental Commander, Heather Christensen of Roswell
2000s 2000 Received an unusual 10 year accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools
2003 John White from Houston, Texas becomes the first African-American Regimental Commander
2004 Luis Aranda becomes first Regimental Commander from Mexico
2004 Rear Admiral David R. Ellison becomes first Naval Flag Officer named Superintendent
2006 McBride Museum transitions into Enrollment and Development Center (Luna Hall)
2006 Daniels Leadership Center constructed
2009 Dow Hall renovated
2009 Major General Jerry W. Grizzle becomes the first Army National Guard officer named Superintendent
2010 Dow and Luna Halls Rededicated
2011 Pearson Auditorium Remodeled and Rededicated