If you want to experience NMMI from every angle, view and aspect imaginable, the NMMI 360 Degree Tour is for you!

There are two ways to experience the tour:

Use the map below to select where you want to start and explore campus by visiting the areas of most interest to you. You can see a preview of the area when you mouse over that part of the map.

Once have found and clicked on a location of interest, you can view the 360 degree panoramic image by using your mouse pointer to spin the image and the controls to zoom in and out. You can explore around the area you chose by clicking on the provided links or clicking on hotspots within the panoramic image.  Look for this icon while hovering over the 360 panorama to identify a hotspot.

If you would like a more guided approach, click here to start your tour at Luna Hall then follow the "next" link at the bottom of the screen to work your way around to each stop on the tour.   

Thanks for visiting virtual NMMI and enjoy your tour!

Note: You will need Apple's QuickTime Plug-In to view the panoramic images. You may download the free player here.

Cahoon Armory Baseball Field Quarters 2 Quarters 1 Quarters 3 Pearson Auditorium Stapp Parade Field Ropes Course Godfrey Athletic Center Football Field Obstacle Course Hagerman Barracks Tennis Courts Bronco Plaza Luna Hall Fitness Factory Leadership Reaction Course Daniels Leadership Center Alumni Plaza Lusk Hall Toles Learning Center JRT Hall Lea Hall Behind Lusk Hall Dow Hall Sculpture Alumni Memorial Chapel McClure Hall Willson Hall Alumni Memorial Chapel Saunders Barracks Alumni Memorial Chapel Saunders Plaza Saunders Plaza Bates Dining Hall Stables Golf Course Sally Port