Academic Tradition

Chemistry LabSince NMMI's founding in 1891, academic excellence, a distinguished faculty, and a heritage of preparing our students to become tomorrow’s leaders have characterized an NMMI education. NMMI offers a unique learning experience built upon a curriculum that is mission directed, a comprehensive approach involving education, training, and experience, and a fully integrated high school and college learning environment.

Academics at NMMI is founded upon teaching the fundamentals in English, Math, Science, language and communication, but enhanced by the knowledge and abilities required of leaders of the millennium generation. Our approach combines a traditional learning focused methodology with the most current state of the art and appropriate educational technologies. The cornerstone of learning at NMMI is a close, all encompassing faculty-student relationship enabled by morning, afternoon, and evening one-on-one and group tutoring opportunities.

Among America’s learning institutions, NMMI remains unique! The learning environment integrates a four-year college preparatory high school curriculum with that of a two-year university parallel junior college. For this reason, NMMI presents a six year seamless learning experience in which each student progresses as fast and as far as their capability, potential, and vision permits. Academic resources, small classes, and individually tailored programs provide the opportunity for exceptional students to achieve a high school diploma and an Associate Degree nearly concurrently.

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