How does my Academic Counselor/Advisor help me at NMMI?

High School Advising

In 1985 NMMI instituted a centralized state-of-the art high school advising system to address the issues of proper college selection, advising, counseling and mentoring our students. High school advisors are located in the Franklin Student Assistance Center (SAC) in the Toles Learning Center.
Each high school Academic Counselor/Advisor in the Franklin Student Assistance Center (SAC) is responsible for one grade level, moving progressively with that class from 6th class (freshman) to graduation. This allows for consistent contact with students and their parents, enables intensive academic and personal counseling, course selection and monitoring, college planning and placement. The student, with their academic advisor, makes a four year plan, a copy of which is available to the parents. New cadets work out their four year plan with the advisor during the first month of school. This plan is amended at the end of each semester of their enrollment to reflect changes in program because of acceleration, failures, summer school, etc.

The Academic Counselor/Advisor's primary responsibility is to assist the student to be successful by consistent and frequent contact with the student, parents, teachers, Troop Leadership Advisors, Commandant's Office and Cadet Counseling Center, if needed. It is essential to assure that the student is given every avenue available to succeed.

The Academic Counselor/Advisors conduct seminars for cadets to assist in their adjustment process, promote time management, study skills, further career exploration, and college placement. The Academic Counselor/Advisors maintain membership in many professional organizations and participate in conferences to stay on the cutting edge of academic advising and college placement. For more information on organizations, please visit our Membership and Accolades page.