Mission Statement

"To provide to our customers and visitors, in an environmentally responsible and efficient manner, a safe and aesthetically pleasing campus, safe and well conditioned athletic fields, and a challenging, enjoyable golf course".


The Golf and Grounds Services maintains 600 acres of campus grounds and golf course. This shop is managed by Raul Villa, Grounds Manager, and Jake Villareal, Golf Course Manager. There are 12 skilled individuals employeed as well.

Golf and Grounds is responsible for all landscaping and the upkeep of all areas, such as the sports fields, campus grounds, Ropes Course, Leadership Reaction Course, Fitness Factory, Quarters residences, the golf course, the tennis courts, and the parking lots and vacant lots. We also maintain all irrigation systems, including the College St. residences.

As you can see, our NMMI campus is a beautiful campus. It is a popular spot with the Roswell residents to utilize for photography purposes for special events such as proms, weddings, and senior pictures.

Irrigation Specialist: William Goodall

Mechanics: Bobby Henson, Ralph Thornton

Skilled Grounds Technicians: Adam Garcia, Sam Garza, Sid Harper, Gabriel Herrera, Wade Hood, David Montez, Darryl Moore, Tommy Sandles, Gilbert Tarin

We also have the Golf Pro Shop, which employees ten individuals.

Golf Pro Shop:

Crae Fields, Head Golf Pro, PGA Professional

Brady Crump, Asst. Golf Pro, Registered PGA Apprentice

Randy Doerhoefer, Asst. Golf Pro, Registered PGA Apprentice

James Lester, Asst. Golf Pro & Golf Shop Manager


Golf Course Cart Staff: Ubaldo Hernandez, William Irwin, Antonio Pacheco, Joshua Purcell, Stuart Riley, Fidencio Valadez