Mission Statement

"Provide quality and uninterrupted utilities to the general campus and our customers. Maintain and make repairs to plant systems and equipment. By customer request, solve their problem. Support other Facilities shops in their missions. Continuously make changes in our operations to improve the facilities where our customers learn and work."


Mechanical Services is responsible for all electrical, plumbing, and HVAC on campus and in residential housing for NMMI. We maintain up to 50 buildings, which includes campus housing for some staff and faculty.

There are three (3) trades under Mechanical Services. These are electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

The electrical technicians are responsible for keeping lights and power operational campus wide. They also maintain the fire alarms, elevators, clothes dryers, and the PA systems for the parade and athletic fields, as well as taking care of the score boards and electrical signs.

The plumbers maintain all plumbing and sewer issues on campus and in campus housing, as well as service washers and ice machines.

The HVAC technicians take care of all heating and air conditioning, which includes the maintenance of all boilers, chillers, and refrigerator units.

Mechanical Services also maintains the swimming pool, campus clocks, the tower chimes, sump pumps, and many other duties as requested. Any member of this shop may be asked to assist the other trades at any time.