Welcome to Self-Service (formerly IQ.Web) at New Mexico Military Institute

This student and parent portal can be used to view and enroll in courses, view grades, request transcripts and track their status, and make payments. It can be accessed at https://www.nmmi.edu/SelfServiceWeb.


Are you a parent/guardian? Click here to learn about how you can have your cadet allow you access to their information.

Below you can find some screenshots some of the new things you will see in Self-Service.


Self-Service Homepage:


Viewing Your Student Schedule:

Viewing Your Grade Report:

Searching For Courses:

Students Invite Parent(s)/Guardian(s) To View Student Information:

Students have the ability to invite their parent(s)/guardian(s) to view student information … In just a few easy steps.

Once the above page is submitted by the student, an email invitation is sent. The email guides the parent/guardian through a few account creation steps. You will then be able to login to Self-Service and view your student(s) grades, account balance, schedule, and more!


After Creating Login, Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Can Easily View Their Student(s) Information:

Questions? Contact the Dean’s office at 575.624.8020 or send an email to academicdean@nmmi.edu