Frequently Asked Questions for New Parents

When can I contact my cadet?

New cadets who enter in the fall are not allowed for the first 21 Day Period to call/email/talk with their parents, except via “snail” mail, and have no privileges. For new cadets in the spring this period is 28 days. At the end of the first 21 or 28 days, cadets may call their parents, have their parents visit them during general permit, and have the privileges afforded new cadets.

Your cooperation in this matter will assist with your cadet's transition into the Corps of Cadets. If there is an emergency during this period and you must reach your cadet, please contact your cadet's Troop Leadership Advisor (TLA) or the Commandant's Office.

You may send letters to your cadet via regular mail during the first 21 or 28 Days. It is highly recommended that you write encouraging and motivating letters to your cadet during this time.

How do I communicate with my cadet?

Mail: Address mail as follows:

Cadet Last Name, Cadet First Name - Mail Slot #XXXX
New Mexico Military Institute
101 West College Blvd.
Roswell, NM 88201

E-mail: 9-digit

Fax: (575) 624-8459

Visits: Coordinate with Troop Leadership Advisors - (575) 624-8400.

Cell phones are authorized, but not required. Cadets are expected to follow the cell phone policy.

Emergency Contacts:
- Campus Police: (575) 624-8421
- Infirmary: (575) 624-8235
- Night Accountability Officer: (575) 626-8683

How can I find out my cadet's mailbox number?

For assistance in contacting your cadet please call the Commandant's Office at (575) 624-8400.

When can I see my cadet?

The first opportunity you will have to see your cadet will be during the running of the Confidence Course, which marks the end of the 21 or 28 Day period. After the 21 or 28 Day Period is over you may visit your cadet various times. The Commandant's Office suggests the following when considering visiting your cadet:

  • Make arrangements well in advance of your arrival to ensure that your cadet will be available
  • Check on cadet's status, training schedule and Master Calendar.
  • Remember our rules are designed to maintain strict accountability of your cadet
  • Keep in mind fellow cadets may not have the same privileges or status as your cadet
  • Always call/e-mail your cadet's TLA if there is there is any doubt.

When is Family Weekend and what happens during Family Weekend?

Fall Family Weekend is usually scheduled for Mid-September and Spring Family Weekend in late February. During Family Weekend you will be able participate in a variety of campus activities, such as programs, athletic events, and parades as well as spending quality time with your cadet. Please check the NMMI Web site regularly, as details and schedules will be posted as they become available.

My cadet is having trouble adjusting. What should I do?

If your cadet is having problems adjusting to NMMI there are some steps you can take to help your cadet through this period.

  • Support the 21 or 28 Day initial transition period
  • Ask your cadet if they have talked with/tried to resolve the problem through the cadet chain of command.
  • Ask your cadet if they have talked with/tried to resolve the problem with a TLA or Faculty Advisor
  • Contact the Commandant's Office at (575) 624-8400 and inform them your cadet is having trouble adjusting.
  • Do not remove your cadet from NMMI without exploring all avenues. Encourage your cadet to "hang in there a few more days" and things will typically improve.

How do I contact my cadet's TLA?

You can find out contact information for your cadet's TLA or anyone in the Commandant's Office by visiting the Commandant's staff listing here.  You may also email all of the TLAs at

How do I access my cadet's grades?

The Registrar's office will send out report cards with your cadet's progress as regulations permit.

If you are the parent/guardian of a cadet who is under 18 years old and not enrolled in any college courses, you may be able to access your cadet's grades online. Please contact the Dean's Office at (575) 624-8020 or for instructions and further details.

If my cadet fails a class will he/she be automatically dismissed or given another chance?

Cadets are required to maintain a 2.00 grade point average to remain in good standing academically. Any student who has a GPA between 1.50 and 1.75 at the end of a semester is placed on Academic Probation. While on probation, a cadet has one more semester in which to attain a GPA of 1.75 or better to avoid suspension. If a cadet falls below a 1.50 at the of that semester then he/she can be suspended.

Extra help is available for cadets struggling with class work. If your cadet is having difficulty in a class please advise him/her to speak with their professor and seek extra help.

Who do I contact about the bus schedule for school breaks?

Bus service to Albuquerque is provided for Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break and at the end of the year by TNM&O Coaches.

A local shuttle will also be provided to the Roswell Airport.

For more information, costs and travel times please visit the Commandant's Memo regarding airport bus transportation for breaks. (This document is valid for the 2009-2010 school year.)

Where do I find the school calendar?

All important dates will be recorded on the Master Calendar.

How do I add money to my cadet's account?

You may add money to your cadet's account by contacting his/her financial advisor. You can find out more information about the Cadet Account here.

How do I contact my cadet's teacher?

Please visit the Academic portion on the Web site to find more information on NMMI's faculty. The NMMI Phone Directory also lists contact information for all NMMI staff and faculty.

My cadet needs to attend a wedding/funeral/reunion/etc., or attend a medical/dental appointment during the school year. How do I take him/her out of school?

All furlough requests need to be submitted in writing to the Commandant's Office at least a week ahead of time. For emergency furloughs contact the Commandant's office at (575) 624-8400 or your cadet's Troop Leadership Advisor.

My cadet needs to leave early for Thanksgiving/ Winter/ Spring/ Summer break. Can he/she leave early?

Before Summer break cadets are required to attend the graduation ceremonies. Early departure requests must be submitted to the Commandant's Office. Those cadets approved for early departure must pay a fee for early out processing. Cadets must complete their scheduled finals and/or corps requirements prior to leaving for all breaks.

Why does my cadet have to have Accident Insurance when we are providing our insurance card for their medical insurance coverage?

Accident Insurance is mandatory for all cadets and is different from the medical insurance.

I would like to send my cadet a birthday cake. Who do I contact?

The Roswell Symphony Guild has a birthday cake program for cadets. Please call them at (575) 623-5882 to order a birthday cake for your cadet. Please give at least two weeks advance notice so they can fulfill all orders.