Glossary of NMMI Terms



Academic Retreat - Designated study time before final exams

Academic Weekend - Designated Saturday morning study time prior the end of each grading period

ACU - Army Combat Uniform

AP - Academic Probation - GPA Below 1.75 for a semester

AWOL - Absent without Leave



Barracks - Living Quarters

BDU - Battle Dress Uniform

Blue Book - Handbook of cadet rules and regulations

Box - Nickname for Hagerman Barracks

BRC - Breakfast Roll Call


Commandant - The office in charge of cadet life, leadership and housing. Similar to a Dean of Students (Abvr: CMDT)

Commandant's List - Third Highest Academic Honor - 2.75 - 3.24

CQ - Call to Quarters


Dean's List - Second Highest Academic Honor - 3.25 - 3.49

DLC - Daniels Leadership Center

DRC - Dinner Roll Call (Lunch)

DRI - Daily Room Inspections




FTX - Field Training Exercises (ROTC)


Good Standing - minimum 2.0 GPA, 'C' or higher in deportment, no outstanding tours, not on academic or disciplinary probation

Goss Quote - "Let it be clearly understood that if this is not a military school it is nothing. By this is meant not only the outward forms and visible signs of military government - the drills and parade - its tinsel and glare, but what is of more importance, the indoor government - the inner, private life, manners and habits of the cadet, the close, constant, kindly supervision over the cadet in every respect - checking him here, urging him there - in the privacy of his room, at his meals, in recitation or at drill - on duty - off duty- at work or play - is the spirit and purpose of this military school. Obedience is but self-command and who commands himself is best learning to command others." (Colonel Robert S. Goss, Superintendent – 1891)

Guard Box - Primary delivery point for messages, letters, express mail, cakes, flowers, etc.


Harry Morrison - Point based competition that determines the best troop of the semester/year

Honor Code - "A Cadet will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate those who do."


IDFY - (Institute Drug Free Youth) Volunteer Program that rewards cadets for committing to be drug and alcohol free


JRT - J. Ross Thomas Reception Room



LRC - Leadership Reaction Course



Mess Hall - Bates Dining Hall



New Cadet - Cadet in their first year (high school) or first semester (junior college)

NSG - Night Study Group - Supervised study generally for cadets who are no longer in good standing

NSH - Night Student Hall- Mandatory academic study time



Old Cadet - Cadets who have attended NMMI more than three semesters

On Ranks - Cadet(s) excused from certain duty requirements due to medical reasons

On Status - Cadet(s) excused from certain duty requirements


POD - Plan of the Day - document outlining daily cadet activities and schedule

Post - NMMI Campus

PMS - Professor of Military Science - Chief instructor and overseer for the ROTC program

PX - (Post Exchange) Quick snack stop and casual dining cafe



RATs - Recruits-at-Training - status during first 21/28 days at NMMI

RC - Regimental Commander - highest ranking cadet

Retreat - Lowering of the flag in the evening

Reveille - Morning roll call (abvr: Rev)



SAI - Senior Army Instructor - Overseer of the JROTC program.

Sally Port - Main entrance into Hagerman or Saunders Barracks

Sinks - Cadet Bathrooms

SOP - Standard Operating Procedures

SRC - Supper Roll Call (Evening Meal)

Superintendent's List - Highest Academic Honor - 3.5 - 4.0


Taps - Last call of the day, lights out

Tattoo - Secure and post and prepare for lights out and bed check

TLA - Troop Leadership Advisor - Overseer of troops in matters of safety, security, health, welfare, mentoring and accountability



VMV - Banquet hall named in honor of cadets Vertress, Moore and Vlahopoulas, who died in a pool accident during Final Ball in 1954




Yearling - A high school cadet who has turned at the end of their second semester or a college cadet who has turned at the beginning of their second semester



1st Class - Junior College Sophomore

2nd Class - Junior College Freshman

3rd Class - High School Senior

4th Class - High School Junior

5th Class - High School Sophomore

6th Class - High School Freshman


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