Corps Average ACT Scores

ACT Composite Raw Scores for the Graduating High School Classes for the years indicated. They are taken from the ACT Profile Reports of 2007, 2006 and 2001. They are the NMMI sample size and composite scores, the New Mexico sample size and composite scores and the National sample size and composite scores.

Year Composite
2003 21.4
2004 21.3
2005 22.4
2006 21.2
2007 22.1
2008 22.1
2009 21.7
2010 21.0

2010 ACT Scores Chart

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The ACT is a condition of graduation from NMMI; all NMMI high school juniors take the ACT prior to entering their senior year and graduating. The New Mexico and US scores apply only those students who desire to attend college and take the test. As the scores indicate, NMMI’s average scores exceed both the state and national scores consistently.