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Institutional Vision:

To differentiate NMMI from other educational institutions as a world class center for academic excellence, physical readiness, and leadership development.

Institutional Mission:

To educate train, and prepare young men and women to be leaders capable of critical thinking and sound analysis, leaders who possess uncompromising character, and leaders able to meet challenging physical demands.

Fundamental Characteristics the Define NMMI:

  • The only state-supported, nationally accredited coeducational military boarding school in the nation offering an integrated four-year college preparatory high school and university parallel transferable junior college.
  • A Corps of Cadets comprised of every student led by the cadet chain of command and who participate in the Army ROTC Leadership Programs ensuring leadership opportunities for every cadet.
  • A totally integrated high school and college learning environment in which a single consolidated faculty and staff support a six-year seamless high school and junior college experience enabling junior college and high school students to take college courses together.
  • A Corps of Cadets that lives by an Honor Code adopted and administered by the cadets.
  • An academic institution with rigorous academic and admissions standards and a safe secure campus.
  • A close relationship with the military services through the federal service academy preparatory and voluntary early commissioning programs.
  • An exceptionally well-qualified staff and faculty committed to working in a unique academic and military structured environment.
  • A cadet corps-wide physical development program.