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The forms listed below are available to download and print.  If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us at 1-800-421-5376 or email finaid@nmmi.edu.  All documents should be submitted to the NMMI Financial Aid Office at 101 W. College Blvd., Roswell, NM  88201; or emailed to finaid@nmmi.edu.

Scholarship Forms are available to both high school and college students.

Federal Financial Aid Forms are available for college students and should be submitted only upon request.  To avoid delays in processing your financial aid, requested forms should be completed and submitted promptly.


NMMI Scholarship Application Scholarship Scholarship Application
Scholarship Request Special Consideration Form Scholarship Request Special Circumstance Form
NEW** Spring 2017 Supplemental Scholarship Application Spring 2017 Supplemental Scholarship Application
Certification Form Certification Form.pdf
Child Support Paid 16-17 2016-2017 Child Support Paid
Dependent/Independent Student Worksheet 16-17 2016-2017 Dependent/Independent Student Worksheet

Dislocated Worker Status Dependent Student


2016-2017 Dislocated Worker Status Dependent Student.pdf
Documentation of Citizenship Status 16-17 2016-2017 Documentation of Citizenship Status.pdf
FERPA Form - Financial Aid Information FERPA Form - Financial Aid Information.pdf
Financial Aid Appeal Form Financial Aid Appeal Form.pdf
High School Completion Status 16-17 2016-2017 High School Completion Status
ID and Statement of Educational Purpose (In Person) 2016-2017 ID and Statement of Educational Purpose In Person
ID and Statement of Educational Purpose (Notary) 2016-2017 ID and Statement of Educational Purpose with Notary
Parent(s) Non-Filing Tax Statement 16-17 2016-2017 Parent Non-filing tax statement.pdf
PLUS Loan Authorization Form PLUS Authorization.pdf
Verification Worksheet  Dependent 16-17

2016-2017 Verification Worksheet Dependent.pdf

Verification Worksheet Independent 16-17

2016-2017 Verification Worksheet Independent.pdf

W-4 Form   W-4 Form.pdf
Work Study Employment Choice Form Work Study Employment Choice Form.pdf
Unusual Enrollment History Form NMMI Unusual Enrollment Form