Cadet Employment as a Facilitator


Why Facilitate?
Facilitating at the Ropes Course and/or the Leadership Reaction Course is fun and exciting. You are able to work with a variety of people from all over the world ranging from youth to adult. We are flexible in scheduling, you work with fabulous co-workers and you get a chance to master some truly unique skills.

16 Years of age or older


In Good Standing


GPA - 2.0 or better, Preferabley 2.5 or above


Deportment - C or Better, Preferrably B or above

Fall Training

This training typically occurs before Cadre Week in August. (Go to Calendar / Schedule)

Winter Training

This training typically occurs during Cadre Training/Mid-Year RAT Training in January.


(Go to Calendar / Schedule)


Summer Training


This training typically occurs during the first week in June. (Go to Calendar / Schedule)


Other Training Opportunities

Take the 3.0 College Class - LEAD 2813-Ropes Course Facilitation and Leadership

  For more information please contact:




Eric Evertson, CPT, NMMI

Manager, Yates Leadership Challenge/Instructor
Daniels Leadership Center, Room 107
101 West College Blvd
Roswell NM 88201
575.624.8139 – Phone
575.624.8318 – Fax
evertson@nmmi.edu/ ropescourse@nmmi.edu