Before filling out the Registration Form below please contact:
Programs Director   MAJ Gustavo Garza, USA (Ret)
    Phone (575) 624-8148
    Email garza@nmmi.edu
Deputy Commandant for Support   LTC Jeffry E. Cunningham, USA (Ret)
    Phone (575) 624-8404
    Email jcunningham@nmmi.edu



The following form forwards information to the Daniels Leadership Center Staff in order to reserve your event at the Yates Leadership Challenge Complex.

It does not guarantee the availability of the date and time/s you are requesting. The manager will contact you to confirm the date and time/s once the form is submitted.

If you have any questions about this form please feel free to contact us.



Which Events are you Requesting?

High Ropes

Low Ropes

Cooperative Games

Leadership Reaction Course

Rappel Tower


Event Length?

Full Day

Half Day



Approximate Number of Participants:


What is the Age Range of Participants:


Of those participating, how many have been here before?


Approximate Number of Observers/Chaperons:


Accommodations (additional charges may apply):


Other (please specify):


What is the purpose of your group, team, or organization?


Alleviate stress and increase fun Improve developing a vision
Create a positive work environment Improve empowering subordinate skills
Develop group cohesion Improve ethical decision making
Encourage higher productivity Improve goal setting
Encourage critical thinking skills Improve problem solving skills
Form/strengthen relationships between members Improve trust in group members
Foster collaboration and support Improve verbal and non-verbal skills
Gain insight on leadership Increase individual confidence
Improve attention to detail Increase the value of respect for others
Improve communication skills Learn followership
Improve conflict management skills Tap into creativity and innovation
Improve coping with stress Teach supervisory skills
Improve delegating skills Other:


How are you hoping that your group will interact AFTER a program experience?


Do all of the Participants know each other?

Yes No Mostly Somewhat

Do any participants have any physical challenges? (wheel-chair, crutches, etc.)

If Yes, please explain:


Are there expectations about keeping the group together throughout the program or splitting them up? (e.g. dividing randomly or dividing with a method in mind such as specific class, cross section, or department):


Average Physical Ability of the Group

Not Active Below Average Average Above Average Very Active


How active would you like the experience?

Not Active Low Level Moderate High Level


How self-regulating is the group?

Not Below Average Average High Level Very


At which developmental stage, listed below, would you assess that your group is functioning?

Forming: Are they just forming for the first time?

Storming: Are members arguing a lot and many are trying to be the leader?

Norming: Has the group figured out who does what in the group to be successful?

Performing: Are group member's roles and expectations known and agreed upon? Are group members performing as a group?


Has the group or members of the group been to this course before or done similar types of activities?

Very Few Some About Half Most All of Them


(If Applicable) What role will adults/chaperons play?

Participant Observer Behavior Management


Please list questions, logistics, or additional information not already included above that you think/feel will be important to a successful event that meets the needs of your group or make your visit better:


Check Credit Card Purchase Order Other:

Forms to Download and Submit Before Participating

1. Please download and print the Liability and Medical Release Form Here.

2. Read the Expectations / FAQ Page or download the pdf letter here.

3. Completed the form for each participant and return the form by US mail or by fax to:


Yates Leadership Challenge Complex
New Mexico Military Institute
101 W College Blvd
Roswell, NM 88201

Fax: (575) 624-8318

Phone: (575) 624-8139

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