Commandant of Cadets

21 Day Milestone Schedule of Events

The end of the 21 Day period for the Recruits at Training (RATs) is an important milestone for cadets attending NMMI. The end of the 21 Day period marks the day RATs are recognized for their hard work and receive their first privileges. However, before they are given new privileges, they must complete the obstacle course and fitness factory, demonstrating their improved physical readiness, confidence, team work, and high motivation. The morning events end with a Corps formation and acknowledgement of their accomplishment by the Regimental Commander.


General Permit is time off campus with parents.

New cadets are NOT authorized overnight stays until after the 10 week mark of classes 


Parent/Visitor Information - Where to Start

  • Parents/visitors are not allowed in the barracks area until the 1145 formation. 
  • Parents/visitors should look for Troop Guidon Flags to find their cadet’s Troop on Stapp Field and follow them throughout the morning.  SLAs or TLAs will be available.
    • 1st Squadron troops (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Headquarters) - begin at the Confidence Course
    • 2nd Squadron troops (Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, Hotel) - begin at the First Aid Training
    • 3rd Squadron troops (Kilo, Lima, Mike, November, Oscar) - begin at the Fitness Factory
  • Confidence Course and First Aid Training Timeline:
    • Confidence Course and First Aid Training should take approximately one hour and five minutes combined
    • Fitness Factory should take approximately one hour and five minutes  


Saturday 27 August 2016

General Permit 1200-1700


0530                      Early BRC for training area set up (if coordinated from QM through DCS).

0550                      Reveille

0600                      Breakfast Roll Call with formation

0650                      Corps formation on Stapp Field, Movement of Corps to first station

0700                      Food trailer operational at Obstacle Course (Coffee, breakfast items for sale for family/guests)

0715-1100             Obstacle Course, First Aid Training,  and Fitness Factory.   – Family and guests invited to follow cadet’s troop

0900-1300             Cadet Store and PX open for family and guests

1000-1115             Movement of Corps back to barracks area upon completion of all stations

1115-1140             Personal Time

1145-1200             Ceremony in Hagerman Barracks.  Uniform will be Summer Class A

1200                      Free Dinner Roll Call for cadets in good standing

1200-1700             General permits for Cadets.  Uniform for all cadets will be Summer Class A

1715                      Accountability Formation

1730                      Retreat and SRC formation, march to Bates

1730-1830             SRC

1840                      Corps forms for March On.

1900 – UTC           Bronco Football Game (Colt Field) – mandatory for the Corps of Cadets.  RATS may sit and visit with parents during

                            second half at the game.  All troops will have an accountability formation immediately after the game.  Uniform is

                            Summer A.



Sunday 28 August 2016

0815                      Accountability Formation

0830-1700             General Permit for Cadets.  Uniform for all cadets will be Summer Class A.

0830                      Protestant Services in Alumni Chapel.

1700                      Catholic Services in Alumni Chapel

1800                      Supper Roll Call Formation

2130                      4th Meal

















2016 – 2017 School Year



24 July

Fall Cadre Arrive

25 July

Cadre Matriculation

29 July

Band and Prep students Matriculation

31 July

Bronco Football and Volleyball Arrive

1 Aug

Bronco Football and Volleyball Matriculation

3 Aug

Junior College New Cadet Matriculation and Parent Orientation –  Parents Invited to Orientation at 1:30 PM in chapel

3 Aug

President/Superintendent Welcoming Reception for Parents and New Cadets (Jr College and High School) – Parents invited (7 PM)

4 Aug

High School New Cadet Matriculation and Parent Orientation – Parents Invited to Orientation at 1:30 PM in chapel

8-14 Aug

Old Cadets/Break in Service Cadets Matriculation  (cadets are encouraged to return early if they must purchase uniforms, prepare for semester – they will not be excused from classes to matriculate)

15 Aug

Classes start (High School and Junior College)

19 Aug

Returning Cadet Fall Awards Ceremony (Pearson) – (4:00 PM) Parents Invited

27 Aug

End of 21 Day Milestone for Fall RATs/Turning of Spring New Cadets - (Milestone Begins 7:00 AM) Parents Invited

16-18 Sept

Fall Family Weekend and Parade Parents Invited  (Parade begins at 11:00 AM)

19-22 Oct

Homecoming/Alumni Weekend/Parade – Parents Invited

28-29 Oct

NMMI Hosted JROTC Drill Meet

11 Nov

NMMI-Hosted Veterans Day Breakfast on Campus

12 Nov

Veterans Day Parade-Stapp Field – Parents Invited

8 Dec

NMMI Winter Concert – Parents Invited

11 Dec

Candlelight Holiday Service Alumni Chapel  - Parents Invited

17 Dec

Midyear Graduation and Commissioning – Parents Invited

2 Jan 2017

Spring Cadre Arrive

5 Jan

Spring New Cadet Matriculation

8 Jan

Old Cadets/Break in Service Return

28 Jan

Matchin Awards Ceremony/Turning of eligible Fall New Cadets

4 Feb

End of 28 Day Milestone for Spring RATs - Parents Invited


Spring Family Weekend – Parents Invited

29 April

Final Ball

2 May

NMMI Spring Concert -  Parents Invited

12 May

Academic, Leadership, Athletic Awards Ceremony for Graduating Cadets  – Parents Invited

12 May

Baccalaureate – Parents Invited (Begins at 10:00 AM)

13 May

College Commencement – 0800, High School Commencement 1000 – Parents Invited (Cadets must clear campus by 2:00 PM)

The following are scheduled Holiday breaks for the 2016-2017 school year.

*All Dates/Times Subject to Change – Always check with your cadet’s TLA or SLA.




After classes 18 November 2016 until 5:00 PM 27 November 2016


Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 19 November, no exceptions

Thanksgiving Break

After last final exam until 5:00 PM 8 January 2017


Final exams start 12 Dec. and end 15 Dec. Check with your cadet as finals are dependent on their individual schedule.  Cadets MUST depart campus by 12:00 PM on 17 December, no exceptions


If cadets need to register for classes, attend to uniform issues, or get haircuts, they may return as early as 6 January 2016

Christmas/Winter Break

After classes 10 March 2017 until 5:00 PM 19 March 2017


Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 11 March, no exceptions

Spring Break


Barracks will re-open at 1700 Saturday - one day prior to the required

return date for all breaks for those who must arrive early.