Commandant of Cadets

NMMI's Commandant of Cadets, LTC Jon Graff, USA (Retired), exercises command, supervision and mentorship over the Corps of Cadets and the Commandant's Staff. The Commandant's responsibilities are to:


  • Provide for the safety, security, health and welfare, physical readiness, accountability, mentorship, leader development and discipline of the Corps of Cadets;
  • Maintain a positive leadership environment in which each cadet can achieve academic excellence and physical readiness while living the Cadet Honor Code;
  • Oversee daily operations and activities, and cadet services and support.
  • See the NMMI General Catalog for more information.



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The following are scheduled Holiday breaks for the 2016-2017 school year.

*All Dates/Times Subject to Change – Always check with your cadet’s TLA or SLA.


Barracks will re-open at 1700 Saturday - one day prior to the required  return date for all breaks. Bates will not begin serving meals until the supper meal Sunday on the required return date. Infirmary will not be open until 12 pm on the required return date.




NOTE:  NMMI does not manage commercial bus transportation.





After classes 18 November 2016 until 5:00 PM 27 November 2016


Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 19 November, no exceptions

Thanksgiving Break

After last final exam until 5:00 PM 8 January 2017


Final exams start 12 Dec. and end 15 Dec. Check with your cadet as finals are dependent on their individual schedule.  Cadets MUST depart campus by 12:00 PM on 17 December, no exceptions


If cadets need to register for classes, attend to uniform issues, or get haircuts, they may return as early as 6 January 2016

Christmas/Winter Break

After classes 10 March 2017 until 5:00 PM 19 March 2017


Cadets MUST depart campus by 10:00 AM on 11 March, no exceptions

Spring Break


Dates/times we provided to bus company are:


Thanksgiving; depart NMMI 0600 on SATURDAY 19 November


            Depart ABQ for NMMI; 1800 on SUNDAY 27 November


Christmas; depart NMMI 0600 on FRIDAY 16 December


            Depart ABQ for NMMI 1800 on SUNDAY 8 January


Spring Break; depart NMMI 0600 on SATURDAY 11 March


            Depart ABQ for NMMI 1800 on SUNDAY 19 March