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2014 Statistics

Note: DakStat files are kept for all home Colt games, and the links are listed here. Away games are included in this list as well, but often will not have a link to a stat file. For game scores, please see the Schedule page.

Overall Record: 12-10
Home Record: 8-4
Neutral Record: 3-2 Away Record: 1-4

Stats by Game Stats by Player

Game 1 vs. Hatch HS, 8-mar14
Doubleheader vs. Hatch
Game 2 vs. Hatch HS, 8-mar-14
Hal Bogle Invitational
Tournament Stats
Game 3 vs. Pecos, 20-mar-14 Colts Opposition
Game 4 vs. Texico, 21-mar-14
Game 5 vs. Tucumcari, 22-mar-14
Game 6 vs. Ruidoso, 25-mar-14
Sertoma-Colt Classic
Tournament Stats
Game 7 vs. Gateway Christian, 27-mar-14 Colts Opposition
Game 8 vs. Santa Rosa, 28-mar-14
Game 9 vs. Dexter, 29-mar-14
Game 10 vs. Portales, 1-apr-14 Doubleheader vs. Portales
Game 11 vs. Portales, 1-apr-14 Colts Rams
Game 12 vs. Floyd, 3-apr-14
Game 13 vs. Cobre, 5-apr-14
Doubleheader vs. Cobre
Game 14 vs. Cobre, 5-apr-14
Game 15 vs. Texico, 8-apr-14
Doubleheader vs. Texico
Game 16 vs. Texico, 8-apr-14
Game 17 vs. Loving, 12-apr-14 Doubleheader vs. Loving
Game 18 vs. Loving, 12-apr-14 Colts Falcons
Game 19 vs. Dexter, 15-apr-14
Game 20 vs. Eunice, 18-apr-14 Doubleheader vs. Eunice
Game 21 vs. Eunice, 18-apr-14 Colts Cardinals
Game 22 vs. Loving, 22-apr-14
Game 23 vs. Dexter, 26-apr-14
Doubleheader vs. Dexter
Game 24 vs. Dexter, 26-apr-14
Game 25 vs. Eunice, 29-apr-14
Game 26 vs. Ruidoso, 3-may-14