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2016 Varsity Roster

# Name Year Pos. Hometown
1  Ja'lil Brown Fr. OF  Ruidoso, N.M.
2  Connor Roe So. OF/INF/P  Roswell, N.M.
3  Jake Guerrero Jr. C/P/1B  Roswell, N.M.
4  Peter DeGroot Sr. SS/P  Roswell, N.M.
5  Jasper Best Fr. C/P/INF  Roswell, N.M.
7  Carlos Xibille Sr. 2B  Sonora, Mexico
8 Satchell Pittman Sr. 1B/P  Roswell, N.M.
9  Frank Marchi So. 2B/P  Belen, N.M.
10  Gavin Maloney So. P/1B/OF  Roswell, N.M.
11  Jack Tingwall Sr. INF/P  Rio Rancho, N.M.
12  Ian Curnutt Sr. 1B/3B/P  Roswell, N.M.
13  Mateo Fierro Sr. P/1B/OF  Albuquerque, N.M.
14  Daniel Sanchez Sr. INF/P  Taos, N.M.
15  Ryan Dement Sr. OF/P  Ruidoso, N.M.
16  Nick Valentine Sr. OF/INF  Colorado Springs, Colo.
17  Danny Jaramillo Sr. OF/1B  Roswell, N.M.
19  Eli Aguilar Sr. 3B/P/1B  Roswell, N.M.
22  Chris Matthews Sr. 3B/1B  Albuquerque, N.M.
24  Francisco Galvez Sr. CF/INF  Sonora, Mexico
26  Francisco Rivera So. INF/P  Hermosillo, Mexico
28  Michel Hinojos Jr. DH/INF/P  Guaymas, Mexico
Head Coach: Charlie Ward
Assistant Coaches: Steve Rogers and Kenneth Pittman
Strength & Conditioning Coaches: Daniel Ford and Tyrell Curtis
Head Athletic Trainer: John Carpenter
Athletic Director: Jose Barron
President: Major General Jerry W. Grizzle, AUS (Ret), Ph.D
School Colors: Scarlet and Black
Nickname: Colts


2016 Junior Varsity Roster

# Player Name Year Pos. Hometown
1  Joshua Lopez 8th OF  Roswell, N.M.
2  Alyssa Bolander So. 2B  Rio Rancho, N.M.
3  Colin Acheson Fr. 2B, P  Albuquerque, N.M.
4  Samantha Stynen So. OF  Reno, Nev.
5  Ja'lil Brown Fr. OF/P  Ruidoso, N.M.
7  Scott Brown So. INF/P/OF  Santa Rosa, N.M.
8  Bryan Lee Fr. P/INF  Seoul, Korea
10  Jasper Best Fr. C/P/INF  Roswell, N.M.
11  Gus Curnutt 8th 3B  Roswell, N.M.
12  Kasen Chester Fr. 1B/OF  Carlsbad, N.M.
13  Quang Nguyen Jr. OF  Saigon, Vietnam
14  Nicholas Rodriguez Jr. C/P/INF  Albuquerque, N.M.
15  Bradley Castleman Jr. OF  Okinawa, Japan
16  Diego Salido So. INF/OF  Hermosillo, Mexico
 19  Juan Inigo So. OF  Hermosillo, Mexico
21  Jordan Conradson Fr. C/1B  Phoenix, Ariz.
23  Alexander Mitchev Jr. INF/P/OF  Los Lunas, N.M.
26  Gavin Yates Fr. P/OF  Brock, Texas
28  Francisco Rivera So. P/INF  Hermosillo, Mexico
   Andres Hurtado So. INF  Hermosillo, Mexico
   Marco Moreno So. 1B Hermosillo, Mexico


Varisty Photo Roster

#2 Connor Roe

#3 Jake Guerrero

#4 Peter DeGroot

#5 Jasper Best

#7 Carlos Xibille

#9 Frank Marchi

#10 Gavin Maloney

#11 Jack Tingwall

#12 Ian Curnutt

#13 Mateo Fierro

#14 Daniel Sanchez

#16 Nick Valentine

#17 Danny Jaramillo

#19 Eli Aguilar

#22 Chris Matthews

#24 Francisco Galvez

#28 Michel Hinojos