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Weightlifting - Squats2010 Members of the 1000 Pound Club

To become a member of the NMMI "K" Club, the player in question must amass 1000 pounds total weight inthree lifts:  Bench Press, Squat, and Hang Clean.

Testing usually occurs during the Spring semester off-season weight and agility training program.

Started in 2006, with the installation of Jeff Lynn as head coach of the Bronco football team, the 1000 Pound Club now has 59 members, 9 of whom come from the 2010 Spring team. 

Formerly, the record for most weight lifted in the three different categories was held by B.J. Sumter, set last year (Spring 2009) with a 1215 lbs total lift. However, this year's Iron Horse, the award given to the Bronco with the highest three-weight total, bested Sumter's old mark by 20 lbs this spring. Mike Sellers had a total lift of 1235 lbs, including a Bronco record-breaking 440 lbs bench press.

The 2010 inductees include:


Bronco logo Mike Sellers Mike Sellers - 1235 lbs
Deylan Buntyn
Deylan Buntyn - 1225 lbs
Kyle Casey
Kyle Casey - 1165 lbs
Clifford Burns
Clifford Burns - 1145 lbs
Bill Ross
Bill Ross - 1110 lbs
Eddie Rascon
Eddie Rascon - 1055 lbs
Taylor Allcorn
Taylor Allcorn - 1035 lbs
Nils Henry
Nils Henry - 1015 lbs
Crossed Sabers logo Andrew Jolliff
Andrew Jolliff - 1000 lbs


Here's the list of the current strength and agility records, along with links to members of previous years:

Bench Press 440 lb. Mike Sellers Spring 2010
Clean 350 lb. Matt Kalisch Spring 2008
Squat 585 lb. E.J. Cannon Spring 2006
Pro Agility Drill 4.02 sec Tim Hammett Spring 2006
Vertical Leap 38 inches McNeal Uwajeh Spring 2007
10 Yard Dash 1.42 sec. Brandon Zackery Spring 2008
40 Yard Dash 4.28 Ovie Escalomi Spring 2007

Class of 2009: Members of the 1000 Pound Club

Class of 2008: Members of the 1000 Pound Club

Class of 2007: Members of the 1000 Pound Club

Class of 2006: Members of the 1000 Pound Club