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Godfrey Athletic Center for Excellence

The Godfrey Athletic Center for Excellence, or GACE, brings together three top-notch programs within the PPD Division. These programs - Human Performance, Sports Medicine, and the Performance Enhancement Lab - work together to create more heathly individuals.

The Human Performance program, led by Director Brad Brimhall and assisted by Joe Forchtner, focuses on improving physical fitness, whether you are a professional athlete or retiree looking to stay active. They work to improve strength, stamina, speed, agility, and flexibility by teaching safe, effective, and often enjoyable excercise routines.

The Performance Enhancement Lab, led by Director Dr. Zeljka Vidic, focuses on the mental aspects of health and competition. Areas of focus include: visualiztion techniques, positive thinking, dealing with failure (or success), relaxation, concentration, stress managament, goal-setting, even nutrition.

The Sports Medicine program, led by Director Jose Barron, focuses on dealing with physical injuries. Areas include prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

While the main focus of the combined programs within the GACE is to aid our corps of cadets here at NMMI, several different outside agencies have contracted with the GACE. Groups such as ILEA (International Law Enforcement Agency) utilize the excellent facilities here to learn and train with our gifted directors.

For more information about each program, click on one of the buttons in the left-hand navigation column. For more information about contracting with the GACE as an outside agency, call and speak to Brad Brimhall at 575-624-8029.

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