International Students

Translations in Spanish and Mandarin are included below.


International students have attended NMMI since the early 1900s. They choose NMMI due to our outstanding academics, structured environment and our low cost due to support from the State of New Mexico. Additionally, New Mexico is renowned in the United States as a very diverse state which provides for a good blending of cultures where international students can feel comfortable. Often our international students feel so at home in New Mexico that they stay in-state to study at one of our outstanding four year institutions.


We invite you to consider New Mexico Military!


International students work with the following counselors:


All students from Mexico: COL Nancy Burrola and Mr. Ray Burrola

All international students not from Mexico: CPT Jessica Garcia-Valenzuela


NMMI travels to various locations in Mexico each year. Find out more here.

NMMI participates in The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) fairs.

    Find out more about the Asia fairs here.

    Find out more about the Latin America fairs here.


The Application Process


New Mexico Military Institute (NMMI) reviews all applications for admissions on a holistic basis. Candidates are encouraged to apply for admissions and submit all according documents.


Students with one of the disqualifying factors, listed below, are NOT eligible to apply for admissions at NMMI.


Applicant must be:

  • be under 22 years of age

  • never have been married

  • have no dependent children

  • be in good physical condition

  • able to participate in athletic and leadership development activities

  • have no disciplinary and/or drug or alcohol abuse problems



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来自墨西哥的学生:COL Nancy Burrola 和 Mr. Ray Burrola

不来自墨西哥的国际学生: CPT Jessica Garcia –Valenzuela

NMMI 参加The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS) 。








  • 22岁一下
  • 没有结婚
  • 没有孩子
  • 身体状况良好
  • 能够参加提高运动和领导才能的活动
  • 没有纪律,烟酒,或者毒品的问题






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