LTC Peter Atkinson

Title: Faculty - Philosophy
Department: Humanities
Phone: (575) 624-8625
Office: Lea Hall 207

FALL 2017 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
PHIL 111303Introduction to PhilosophyJC
PHIL 1113H03Coll Intro to PhilosophyHS
PHIL 181302Critical ThinkingJC
PHIL 199740Independent Study - PhilosophyJC
PHIL 1997H40Coll - Independent Study - PhilosophyHS
PHIL 201304EthicsJC
PHIL 202340LogicJC
PHIL 2023H40Coll LogicHS
PHIL 211306Greek PhilosophyJC


Educational Background:

-primary and secondary education in various private schools both in the United States and Europe.

-Earned a BA from NYU in mathematics [where I also completed roughly half the course requirements for the Ph.D.]

-Earned an MFA in English Poetry from the University of California at Irvine

-Earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy

Work Experience:

-Naval Officer, last billet was as the main engines officer on the USS America CV-66.

-Owned and operated a real estate development and construction company in the NYC area that primarily built mid-rise residential and mixed-use buildings

-Partner at Laurel Capitol, LLC which invested in various projects, public and private companies, including the purchase and leasing of a tug boat.

-taught at Friends Seminary in NYC, University of California at Irvine, University of Long Island, Universität Salzburg, Austria

- NMMI since 2009

Honors, Awards:

-“Headmaster’s English Prize” at Midleton College, Ireland

- “Top Mathematics Student,” an award given annually at SUNY New Paltz

-won a full scholarship for study at NYU as an undergraduate transfer student

-the honors program at Courant institute, NYU [there were only four selected from the entire undergraduate student body.]

- “Founder’s Day” award at NYU

-admitted to the Ph.D. program at Courant institute, NYU

-was selected for Naval Postgraduate Education with the highest possible rating

-“Humanities Association Fellowship” at University of California at Irvine

-Won the “Teaching Award,” for the best teaching assistant in the MFA program

-Was selected as editor of “Faultline Literary Journal,” University of California at Irvine


- Published over 20 poems in various national literary journals

-“Spirits of Hoboken,” my dissertation for the MFA is held in the library of UCI

-“The Seinsfrage and Legitimacy in Heidegger’s Being and Time …” my dissertation for the Ph.D is held in the library at UCI

- “Making Game: an Essay on Hunting, Familiar Things, and the Strangeness of Being Who One Is “  a book length essay published by AU Press, 2009