LTC Peter Atkinson

Title: Faculty - Philosophy
Department: Humanities
Phone: (575) 624-8625
Office: Lea Hall 207

SPRING 2017 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
PHIL 111303Introduction to PhilosophyJC
PHIL 1113H03Coll Intro to PhilosophyHS
PHIL 181302Critical ThinkingJC
PHIL 1813H02Coll Crit ThinkngHS
PHIL 201304EthicsJC
PHIL 2013H04Coll EthicsHS
PHIL 202300LogicJC
PHIL 2023H00Coll LogicHS
PHIL 212306Modern PhilosophyJC
PHIL 2123H06Coll Modern PhilosHS


Educational Background:

-primary and secondary education in various private schools both in the United States and Europe.

-Earned a BA from NYU in mathematics [where I also completed roughly half the course requirements for the Ph.D.]

-Earned an MFA in English Poetry from the University of California at Irvine

-Earned a Ph.D. in Philosophy

Work Experience:

-Naval Officer, last billet was as the main engines officer on the USS America CV-66.

-Owned and operated a real estate development and construction company in the NYC area that primarily built mid-rise residential and mixed-use buildings

-Partner at Laurel Capitol, LLC which invested in various projects, public and private companies, including the purchase and leasing of a tug boat.

-taught at Friends Seminary in NYC, University of California at Irvine, University of Long Island, Universität Salzburg, Austria

- NMMI since 2009

Honors, Awards:

-“Headmaster’s English Prize” at Midleton College, Ireland

- “Top Mathematics Student,” an award given annually at SUNY New Paltz

-won a full scholarship for study at NYU as an undergraduate transfer student

-the honors program at Courant institute, NYU [there were only four selected from the entire undergraduate student body.]

- “Founder’s Day” award at NYU

-admitted to the Ph.D. program at Courant institute, NYU

-was selected for Naval Postgraduate Education with the highest possible rating

-“Humanities Association Fellowship” at University of California at Irvine

-Won the “Teaching Award,” for the best teaching assistant in the MFA program

-Was selected as editor of “Faultline Literary Journal,” University of California at Irvine


- Published over 20 poems in various national literary journals

-“Spirits of Hoboken,” my dissertation for the MFA is held in the library of UCI

-“The Seinsfrage and Legitimacy in Heidegger’s Being and Time …” my dissertation for the Ph.D is held in the library at UCI

- “Making Game: an Essay on Hunting, Familiar Things, and the Strangeness of Being Who One Is “  a book length essay published by AU Press, 2009