Academic Deans

COL L.D. Swift

Title: Faculty - Physics
Department: Math/Science Division
Phone: (575) 624-8133
Office: McClure Hall 100

SPRING 2015 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
PHYS 1120L13Gen Physics II LabJC
PHYS 1120L15Gen Physics II LabJC
PHYS 1120L35Gen Physics II LabJC
PHYS 112402General Physics IIJC
PHYS 112406General Physics IIJC
PHYS 2220L11Eng Physics II LabJC
PHYS 222503Engineering Physics IIJC
PHYS 2225H03Coll Engin. PhysicsHS
L.D. Swift
Educational Background:

PhD, University of Texas at Arlington, Major: Engineering / Physics, Minor: Physics, 1998
MSEE, University of Texas at Arlington, Major: Engineering, Minor: Physics, 1995
BSEE / Science Option, New Mexico State University, Major: Engineering, Minor: Physics, 1972

PE License (Texas), 1976, Professional Engineer, Senior, Yearly credits (15)

2007-2010, New Mexico Military Institute, Associate Professor, Physics
2002-2006, University of Texas at Arlington, Research Professor, Physics
2001-2002, New Mexico State University, Visiting Professor, Electrical Engineering
1998-2000, Lamar University, Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
1990-1998, Reed, Wells & Benson Engineering, Senior Engineer, Electrical Design
1977-1990, Tippett & Gee Engineering, Senior Engineer, Electrical Design
1972-1974, Motorola Government Division, Project Engineer, Microwave Design
Honors, Awards and Publications:

Solid State Physics -- UTA, National Science Foundation, 2004
Solid State Physics -- UTA, National Science Foundation, 2002

* Method to derive lagrangians and hamiltonians for a nonlinear dynamical system with variable coefficients, Chaos, Solitons and Fractals 38 (2008) 894–902.
* Beyond Time, Space & Matter, article represented at the Oxford University Roundtable Conference to Promote Understanding Between the Sciences and Religion, 2008.
* The Quantum Action Principle & Base Operators of Bosons & Fermions, Physics Letters B 626 (2005) 256-261.
* Wheeling Charge Under a Deregulated Environment, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 37, No. 1, Jan/Feb 2001. (Award Winning Paper of the Year)
* Power System Load Flows, Electric Power Engineering Handbook, CRC & IEEE Press, 2001, pp. 6.1-10.
* A Circuits Based Method for Computing Constituent-Unit Power Flows in a Network Operating Under Stead-State Conditions - Part B, Energy Systems Research Center, UTA, 1997 Conference Presentation.
* A Comparison Between Circuit Based Methods & Topological Trace Methods for Determining the Contribution of Each Generator to Load and Line Flows, Proceeding of the Workshop on Available Transfer Capability, Sponsored by the National Science Foundation Engineering Systems Program, June 26-28, 1997.


Tau Beta Pi (National Honors Fraternity), Member, 1970
Eta Kappa Nu (National Honors Fraternity), Member, 1970
Sigma Tau (National Honors Fraternity), Member, 1968