LTC Moses Theimer

Title: Faculty - Communications
Department: Humanities
Phone: (575) 624-8202
Office: Lea Hall 028

FALL 2017 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
COMM 111301Public Speaking (Area 1)JC
COMM 111304Public Speaking (Area 1)JC
COMM 111305Public Speaking (Area 1)JC
COMM 111311Public Speaking (Area 1)JC
COMM 1113H01Coll Public SpeakingHS
COMM 1113H05Coll Public SpeakingHS
COMM 210303Introduction to Film StudiesJC
COMM 2103H03Coll Intro to Film StudiesHS
Theimer, Moses
Educational Background:
Moses has earned a Master of Fine Arts in Film & Television from the American Film Institute and held a multimedia credential from the State of California. Received a certificate in Cinema from Los Angeles Community College and a B.A. in Psychology from California State University San Bernardino. He received a certificate in Chinese Language & Culture from the National Taiwan Normal University.

Moses as an educator and counselor has had various teaching positions; lecturer at Cal-State University Los Angeles, teacher for the Los Angeles Unified School District, counselor for Outward Bound Adventures, etc.

Presently this is Moses fifth year teaching as an Assistant Communication Professor at NMMI. He has added two new courses - Digital Film Making and Introduction to Film Studies; and hopes to create some more classes for the Communication Department. He also helped develop a Summer Film Camp curriculum that started in the summer 2008. Presently he also functions as Academic College Advisor, Academic Peer Performance Evaluator, Creative Committee Member, Affirmative Action Committee Member, and heads up the campus wide annual speech comptition. Previously he was involved in numerous campus activites such as the Media Club, Film Club (explore foreign films), and a member of the scholarship committee. Lastly, at NMMI he has a great working relationship with his supervisors and colleagues.

For over ten years, Moses has worked in the Film Industry in various positions, from production assistant to producer. As a producer he worked with writers from an inception of an idea to full feature screenplay. As a writer from Los Angeles his modus operandi is to lay a contemporary social issue foundation and breath a genuine provocative representation of the working class lifestyle and the true dynamics of multiculturalism into a story. Some of his works are: Color Fingers, Eat, Drink and be Maria, and One Gray Fox & Two Cool Catz. The later is a screenplay that demonstartes the interesting dynamics of different socio economic racial group; it's Boys n the Hood meets Driving Mrs. Daisy and explore the social dichotomies found in big cities like Los Angeles without reinforcing stereotypical or negative imagery, but promote understanding and pride. The writing, tone, and style are humorous, fresh, and suspenseful.

In the Television Industry, Moses has worked as a Senior TV Executive for World Television and developed Spanish programs and shows for the station's prime-time line-up. Several programs that were considered trendy, edgy, and hip were developed in collaboration with young, amateur Hispanic producers and directors who were under his guidance.

Previously, as a TV & Video Production Teacher for the second largest school district in the nation - LAUSD, Moses focused and promoted creative activities, and under his instructions over 100 students' projects were created every year. Many of these video projects were submitted to the Los Angeles Film Festival with some of his students winning awards. Also formerly he helped create the first Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and recruited filmakers from local and international film schools to submit their films. He enlisted known filmmakers and film executives to participate in panel discussion; the festival was very successful with over 530 entries from all over the world!

Honors, Awards and Publications:

Moses was semi-finalist in the Chesterfield Writers' Film Project, sponsored by Paramount Pictures.


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Throughout Moses life he has volunteered in many community base organizations, from the Boys Club to working with geriatrics. He has made sharing his time, energy, and money part of his philosophy and life. Due to Moses' fascination with other cultures, it has taken him to over a dozen countries. He lived in Asia for about two years doing community work and studied the Chinese language and culture at the National Taiwan Normal. He has lived, worked and associated with culturally diverse group of people.

He is a native Spanish speaker and knows some Chinese and Quechua.