LTC Richard Kitchen

Title: Faculty - History
Department: Social Science/Busin Administr Division
Phone: (575) 624-8177
Office: Willson Hall 304

FALL 2015 Schedule
Course IDSecCourse NameHS/JC
HIST 131302Early World HistoryJC
HIST 131305Early World HistoryJC
HIST 1313H05Coll Early Wrld HistHS
HIST 211306History of the United States IJC
HIST 211315History of the United States IJC
HIST 2113H06Coll U.S. Hist IHS
HIST 2113H15Coll U.S. Hist IHS
PLSC 111304US Politics and GovernmentJC
PLSC 1113H04Coll US Pol/GovtHS