NMMI has been accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools since 1932 to offer Associate Degrees in Arts or Science.

The Higher Learning Commission is one of six accrediting agencies in the United States that provide institutional accreditation on a regional basis. Institutional accreditation evaluates an entire institution and accredits it as a whole. Other agencies provide accreditation for specific programs. Accreditation is voluntary. The Commission accredits approximately 1100 institutions of higher education in a nineteen state region. The Commission is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.





HLC Final Report   HLC Formal Notification







Agenda Amcsus CAO Workshop Assessment Academy Application
Operations and Procedures Manual Final Heinfeld_NM Military Inst_Financial Stmt_6.30.09 Heinfeld_NM Military Inst_Financial Stmt_6.30.10
Self Study Org Chart Academic Org Chart Supt
Strategic Plan Annex 2 NMMI Snapshot Strategic Plan Annex 1
Assessment_Binder1 Strategic Plan Annex 3 Strategic Plan Core Booklet
QuickSurveyMissionStatement Faculty Senate 2005 Corp NSC Tracking Report


Criterion 1

All documents referred to in Criterion 1 are in hard copy in the Resource Room or located throughout the NMMI website.

Criterion 2 Documentation

Community Service


Community Service SY 2009-2010_FINAL as of 25 May 10 Community Service SY 2010-2011 as of 09 MAR 11




Enabling_Act 1 NM Constitution sec 2 NM Constitution Sec11


Faculty Senate


Handbook March 2011 official with updates Record of Changes as of March 2011




Table of Contents NMHED Running Instit Finance Schedule 5March11


Strategic Plan


Strategic Plan Core Booklet Final 08 05 2010 Strategic Plan Annex 1
Strategic Plan Annex 2 Strategic Plan Annex 3


Evidence and Documentation


2005 flyer for cadets to sign up for the program 2008 letter to perspective Ambassador Parents 2010 2011 Facilities Master Plan
2011 Camporall Final Assessment Story Cadet Rules and Reminders for AMB Program
Emergency Action Plan_draft_11JAN11 Faculty Demographics and List for Dean SY 2010-2011 Faculty Evaluation form

Fall 2014 mrkt-rec plan

McGregor Base Camp Map MISSION SET 11 as of 8 MAR 11 Mission set 13 as of 08 mar 11
O and P Manual final R C Billeting R C Packing List
RCTimeline 2010 ROO Travel SY10-11 Technology Information Group
Cadet Rules and Reminders for AMB Program1    


Criterion 3 Documentation

Academic Deans Surveys


Academic Dean Evaluation Generic Associate Academic Dean Evaluation Generic
Dept Chair Evaluation Generic Div Chair Evaluation Generic


Cadet Organization Chain of Command


Cmdt Org Chart Org Chart with Names 2010 Aug


Examples of Professorships Matchin


Matchin- Bogle Autobiography Matchin- Bogle Plan Matchin-Bogle Academic Accomplishments


Humanites Division Course Surveys


Student Eval - Art Student Eval - Comm Student Eval - English
Student Eval - Language Student Eval - Music  


Lyceum Information


2006-2007 Lyceum Speakers 2007-2008 Lyceum Speakers
2008-2009 Lyceum Speakers Lyceum Information


Record of Changes to Faculty Handbook


Faculty Status Committee Report on Faculty Development May 2010 Record_of_Changes_as_of_March_2011


Tier Two Outcome Rubics


Basic Principles Critical Global Community
Information Missing Rubric Oral
Quant Tech Written


Tiered Outcomes


Tier 1 Outcomes Tier 2 Outcomes Tier 3 Outcomes Table Maps


Evidence and Documentation


Bluebook 2010-2011 Cadet Activities Clubs Matrix Concentration Mappings Tier 3 Outcomes
Course Critique Survey Courses Using Blackboard Spring 2011 Data on Class Sizes
DLC External Usage EMAP InterviewRubric Faculty Demographics and Degree Listing
Faculty Evaluation Packet Faculty Handbook March 2011 official with updates General Education and Program Outcomes
Guidelines Bogle Professorship Guidelines Burton Chair Master Data for Tier Two Rubrics
NMMI Assessment Database Directions Plan for Assessment of Student Learning 3-15-2011 Professional Development Grant Data
Professional Development Plan Draft 1 Resource Room List for Criterion 3 Document List  


Criterion 4 Documentation


2011 TLRC Course Critique Analysis LDAC GRAD %  
Academic Success and Time Management Academy Appointment Rate 2003-2009 Cadet Activities Budget Reports
CFYE_FAll_2011-Klopfer-Smith syllabus Close__Loop_Fall 2010 StudentsCompass Placement for the reference room college advising
FW Evidence of Professional Development at NMMI FW Rosetta Stone Professional Development Opportunity New Mexico Military Institute Glossary of Terms
NMMI CFYE change document 2011 NMMI HR Sponsored Programs for Employees Professional Development Plan
Staff_Enrollment_Past_5 SurgettFW Evidence of Professional Development at NMMI UsageReport-Faculty and Staff Rosetta Group spring 2011



Faculty Senate