ISCT: Technology Employee of the Semester



Information Systems, Communications and Technologies (ISCT) initiated an Technology Employee of the Semester (TEOS) program to recognize exceptional work in our department on (Monday, 13 June) 2005. The current semester’s Employee of the Semester is:


TEOQ Crown

Allan Paschall
Selected 1/22/2015


Please congratulate this individual if the opportunity arises.

Guidelines for TEOS are the following:
  1. Before an individual may participate in TEOS, a web page with photo and biography must exist on ISCT's departmental web page.  This web page development is then posted on the bulletin board within ISCT, easily viewed in a place of honor by visitors.
  2. Consideration of exceptional work, the most improvement from past practices, or regular teamwork beyond the call of duty (such as after-hour work without comp time) should garnish a recommendation; not just personal preference reasons.

  3. The selection of a TEOS cannot be a rotation (passed around) but must be a decision based on the actual performance of the staff member during the previous semester.  In other words, who was the most deserving for this kind of recognition last semester?

  4. The TEOS recipient is determined by from the recommendations of Technology personnel.
  5. A suitable container will be provided by the Administrative Assistant to hold and secure the recommendations for the full week before selection dates.
  6. Recommendations from staff members are requested the Thursday of the week before the defined semester begins.
  7. When making a recommendation (one per staff member), the name of  the staff member for TEOS and the reason why you believe this individual earns the position of TEOS should be typed, using a computer and printed on white paper in black ink, Times New Roman font, size 14 to keep the recommendation anonymous.  The full sheet of paper should be folded in half and then folded in half again with the name not showing through the paper.  In other words, all recommendations must look exactly the same except for the name and reason within and the printed characters must not be showing through the paper.
  8. No monetary value, food items, slave labor, etc., may be promised for a recommendation! 

The length of the four semesters are defined as such:
  • January 1 - June 30

  • July 1 - December 31

The following benefits are awarded to the TEOS champion:
  1. A special notation on Information Services’ web page.
  2. A personal day off from work within the specific semester allotted.

*The Director or Information Technology has the last say in the determination of the TEOS each semester. This enables the Supervisors to be selected as TEOS for exceptional performance as well.