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Computer Requirements and Specifications


It is required that all cadets have a desktop or laptop computer and printer. Wireless capability exists in several academic buildings across campus as well as in both Hagerman and Saunders Barracks. Prior to purchasing a new computer, Academy Prep cadets should contact the Academy Prep advisor for information regarding leasing or purchasing a computer

Before you buy a computer, please read this page carefully.

All computers to be used on the NMMI network should include, monitor, printer, Windows operating system, Ethernet card and cable, 3-year on-site warranty (parts and labor) and telephone/internet support for hardware problems.

1. Operating System:

NMMI requires any of the Windows 7, or Windows 8 operating systems and the software suite listed below. 

2. Software Suite:

Microsoft Office 365 Professional is the standard productivity software at NMMI. The Institute has a Microsoft CampusWide License agreement which allows us to issue Microsoft Office365 Professional to all students. The software suite can be installed from the NMMI network when cadets arrive on campus.

Internet Explorer, which normally comes with Windows, is the Internet browser of choice. Firefox and other alternative browsers can be used, however some minor problems may be noted.

Outlook Web Access is provided as a web interface to each cadet's NMMI email. It is each cadet's responsibility to check this email frequently as all campus emails sent to the cadets will likely use this account.

3. Virus and SpyWare Protection:

Viruses and SpyWare can lead to slow system performance, lost data, identity theft and computer downtime. NMMI requires that an anti-virus and anti-spyware program be installed to provide this protection. McAfee and AVG can also be used for virus protection. The key is to keep your definitions up to date and make sure your protection is really protecting you.

4. Computer Hardware:

The configurations listed below represent baseline units that will allow students to operate effectively in the NMMI computing environment. If you already have a system that meets the short-range specifications, your system should be sufficient initially. If you do not yet have a system, we strongly recommend you purchase one that meets the long-range specifications. Other configurations (with slower processors and/or less RAM) may or may not run required software efficiently and will certainly "age" faster than the configurations listed. The specified configurations will allow for the successful completion of academic work. 

5. NIC/Ethernet Cards:

A very important part of your computer system is its network interface card, or NIC (also called a network adapter or Ethernet card). The NIC is installed in your computer and allows it to "talk" to the New Mexico Military Institute computer network and the Internet. When you purchase your system, make sure your vendor installs the NIC. An incompatible NIC could prevent your computer from working with the NMMI computer network.

Wireless (WiFi, or 802.11n, ac) access is available in all academic buildings as well as in both Hagerman and Saunders Barracks.

6. Ethernet Cables:

Ethernet Cables are available at the Commandant’s office.

7. Insurance:

We strongly recommend insurance for cadet computers. Insurance should be provided for the computer under your home owner's policy or from other sources against damage or theft. Please check with your insurance agent or company. It is not covered under the Institute's insurance.

In Summary - Make sure you have the following:

  • Operating System (Windows 7, or Windows 8)
  • Software Suite (MS Office 2013 or Office365)
  • Virus and SpyWare Protection
  • Computer Hardware
  • NIC/Ethernet card/Wireless Card
  • Ethernet cable
  • Insurance

Help Us Help You: To ease your transition into the New Mexico Military Institute computing environment this fall:

  • Ensure your computer meets the specifications required to work on the NMMI network.
  • Bring with you to campus all the manuals, floppy disks, and CDs you received with your computer. Keep them with you (don't let your parents take them back home). This will help you if you encounter any computing problems.
  • Bring a copy of your purchase receipt in case you need to have warranty repair performed.
  • Computers shipped to NMMI will be issued following matriculation.
  • IS staff will provide connection instructions to help get your computer connected to the network as quickly as possible. 



Operating System PC - Intel Based or Compatible
Windows 7, or Windows 8.
Non Windows Windows 7/Windows 8 OSes are NOT supported, this includes Linux and MacOS. All provided instructions are written for Windows 7 or 8 users.



Software Suite PC - Intel Based or Compatible
Microsoft Office 2013 Professional, Microsoft Office 365
NMMI will be using Office 2013 during the upcoming academic year. Again the Campus Agreement will allow cadets, faculty and staff to upgrade to Office 2013. Office 2013 installation instructions will be provided during a training session within the first few weeks at NMMI.



Computer Hardware
The specifications listed below apply to Intel based PC's or compatible systems, desktops and portables . If you have a computer already and its specifications fall between the short- and long-range systems, you may want to start off at NMMI using that computer.


Short-range System Long-range System
Processor Speed 2.5 GHz dual core 3 GHz dual and/or quad core
Memory (RAM) 4 GB or more 8 GB or more
Hard Disk Drive 100+ Gigabytes 250 Gigabytes or better
CD/DVD Drive CD-RW/DVD DVD burner, CD-RW combo
Multimedia Capable Yes Yes
Monitor 17" flat panel 19" flat panels, up to 21" are good options also, larger are not recommended due to limited space in cadet rooms.
USB Memory stick 4GB capacity or better 8GB capacity or better
Printer Inkjet or laser Inkjet or laser
Ethernet Card Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet 10/100/1000Base-T
Wireless NIC 802.11 b/g 802.11 g/n
Modem** Modems not allowed in barracks Modems not allowed in barracks
Warranty 3 year on-site parts and repairs minimum 3 year on-site parts and repairs minimum
**New Mexico Military Institute does not have telephone lines to support Internet access via modem for the corps.


For more information: or 575-624-4357 (HELP).