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ISCT: Frequently Asked Telephone Questions



For Cadets:

For Staff and Faculty:


Calling Card Vendors?

You may purchase calling cards at the Cadet Book Store located on campus in the basement of Bates Hall.

I already have a cell phone, may I bring it?

Yes, Cadets can have cell phones but they must be listed on a cadet's personal property inventory and all phone numbers provided to the TLA and Commandant's Office. Refer to the Blue Book for rules and regulations regarding the use of cell phones on post.

How do I transfer a call directly to Voice Mail?

Press the Transfer softkey
Dial *XXXX the four digit extension
Press the Transfer softkey

How do I make a conference call?

Dial the first number, during the connected call press the More Softkey until you see the Confrn Sofkey,
Press Confrn to add another party to the call.
Dial the participant's number.
After connecting, press Confrn again.
Repeat to add each participant.
Once you have everyone on the conference call press the Confrn Softkey so everyone can hear each other on the call.
A total of 6 participants can be on a conference call at one time.

How do I access my voice mail?

On Campus:
If you have a voice mail message on your phone there will be a red light on your handset.
Press the message button on your phone.
You will be asked to enter your password followed by #.
The password is 1234 and press #.
To listen to an active message press 1.

After the message has played use the following options:
Press 1 to repeat message
Press 2 to save message
Press 3 to delete message
Press 4 to reply to message
Press 5 to forward message. Record greeting, press #.
(To forward to a phone number instead of a name press ## and enter the number.)
Press 6 to mark message new
Press 7 to skip back

Off Campus:
Dial 624-8601
When you here "Hello Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System" press *
Enter your ID followed by # ( Example: 8080#)
Enter your password followed by # (Example: 1234#)

How do I call forward my extention to Voice Mail?

Press CFwdAll button and then press the message key.

To remove press CFwdAll Button

Information Systems, Communications & Technologies (ISCT)
Departmental Phone: (575) 624-8110
Help Desk Phone: (575) 624-HELP (4357)
Location: Lusk Hall--Basement
Normal Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.