Computer Lab

ISCT: Mission and Organization



Information Systems, Communications, & Technologies (ISCT) at the New Mexico Military Institute is organized around the following principles:

  • ISCT is a service oriented department reporting through the Executive Vice President. The emphasis is information SERVICE, a small "information" and a large "SERVICE".
  • ISCT is a team oriented department. Projects are handled by teams. Larger projects are broken into tasks and worked on by more than one individual. Developer identification with "my system" is avoided and cross training encouraged.
  • All projects are reviewed by the staff during development and before release to campus users. An error in design or code is not a mistake until the product is released to the campus user. It is always good to have a second set of eyes look over a project in a non-threatening manner.

Information Systems, Communications, & Technologies has a staff of 14 employees organized within four areas:

  • Network Operations
  • Telephones
  • Education Technology
  • Application Development and Support
Click here to view the ISCT Organization Chart (PDF).